Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time To Resign As Indian Test Captain M.S.Dhoni!

Time to say farewell M.S.Dhoni!
All the Cricketing pundits have been sharpening up their axes on their emery cloths to lop off M.S.Dhoni's head as Indian Captain. In the wake of the insipid performances in Australia with many attributing his abject leadership as being a major cause.

A tad surprising in my eyes, after witnessing the same flaws that everyone has jumped on him now stand out like neon lights in Capetown last year, but strangely were overlooked by the Cricketing peanut gallery. The Test was of course the third in the epic South Africa versus India series. That contained some of the most breathtakingly brilliant individual acts, and a comeback from India to stand within grasp of a series win after being dead to rites after an innings loss in the 1st stanza of the series. Enter Mark Boucher with South Africa on 130/6 leading by 132, and Harbhajan Singh making us reminisce of his epic feats against Australia in 2001 having got 4 of the first 6 wickets. This was a Mark Boucher that had failed to reach 50 in his previous 7 innings and was a shadow of his former menace.

Attack........Attack.........ATTACK.... I screamed to M.S.Dhoni as Boucher took guard!

I am old, so I am often unheard, and duly the Indian Skipper was true to form with him sending 5 to the fence from 'Bhaji's' first ball to Boucher. Allowing him to pay the tippidy run type cricket that he was so adept in with little or no pressure to share in a partnership 103 run with the regal Jacques Kallis that extinguished much of the Indian flames. 

108 added for the remaining 3 South African wickets that were symbolised by sparse and scattered fields with the batsmen just milking the lead up and burying the Indian chances. It was thought M.S.Dhoni was the hosts 12th man with his bizarrely defensive tactics.

As soon as that series finished tied one all, M.S.Dhoni should have been relieved of his leadership in the view of the Team that was at the top of its game being so undermined by his lack of any tactical nous.

Instead blind eyes were turned with worse to follow for the scattering of Test faithful in the T20 hub that India has become in the World Cup.

After he commandeered an Indian victory after 28 years of toil with his brilliant leadership leaving his legacy all over it with bring up the victory with a huge 6.

Herein lies the true conundrum that M.S.Dhoni is as a leader.........

In the respect that after the World Cup win in truth he was ordained a 'deity' that even the demi God Tendulkar could not touch. Duly hysteria has blinded sight to what M.S.Dhoni really is in the eyes of all....

A man that is one of the best players in the history of the shorter forms of the game, and indeed a Captain of similar calibre, but in Test a batsman that for the most part is a deer in head lights away from road pitches. Then a Captain that is about as substandard as one could hope to see.

Automatically this will raise the ire of his legion of fans with them instantly pointing to his impressive figures as the Indian leader that reads:

Away from home

Matches Won Lost Draw Tied
18              5      8      5         0

At home

Matches Won Lost Draw Tied
18              12     1      5         0

Impressive figures to gloss over, but in a sense they are reminiscent of a woman's skirts for they conceal more than they show.

"The tactics are right out there, very defensive. Dhoni is a very defensive captain. I have watched him a lot and he sits back and tries to see the opposition make mistakes. ( Steve Waugh )

 “MS Dhoni set the tone for India’s slide to oblivion on the final day at the MCG.” ( Ian Chappell)

“I think standing quiet behind the wickets and inspiring the bowlers with words of wisdom is still not part of our sub-continental culture,” ( Wasim Akram )

Quotes from these Legends that give a clearer definition to Dhoni's ' Test Captaincy'

That is so symbolised by what marks his sincere greatness in the shorter forms of the game in respect to a 'save runs first, and get wickets second' mentality.

Which is ok when you are playing against the weaker Teams in Test Cricket for the use of subtle strangulation in scoring will lead them into temptation and demise. Though against the more refined or able Teams it just means they will go into milk mode and set up safety or victory for them while knee buckling India's prospects.

The Team stands at the edge of the abyss in this current series with 2 nil down and a whitewash similar to the one seen in England is on the cards.

Making many justifiably call for a rebirth in Team India. 

This needs to come from M.S.Dhoni stepping down as Indian Test Captain while being retained as their leader in the shorter forms of the game where he is a master. He needs to resign for there is no chance that he will be sacked with his immense meaning to the Indian people, and more crucially the men who pull so many strings in Corporate India.... 

If he man's up to his craven inadequacies in the Test arena it will give Team India a renaissance that is so needed as they enter a transition stage. Similar to the replacement of an icon in Ricky Ponting with Michael Clarke as Australian Captain at the same time last year.

We have all seen the success of that move and India should follow suit................

Ps: As for a replacement...........Subramaniam Badrinath, who has lead well for Tamil Nadu!

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  1. Hey Tim,

    I do not believe that captaincy or bowling is India's problem in the ongoing test series. MSD's captaincy has always been weird and defensive IMO, also India's bowling has never been as good as it is now. But they have won in varied pitches, because of their heavyweight batting.

    That is what needs to be worked on now. Here are my views on the same:

    For me, MSD continues to lead because of the lack of any other decent option. But, if suppose, Indian board decide to remove MSD from captaincy, say after a England-like Australia tour, then I would pass the captaincy to Sehwag or Gambhir.

    Badrinath doesn't even get picked in the side, so bringing him to captain is silly IMO. Besides, Badrinath is already 31+ so even if he comes into India's test squad now, will take him at least an year to get used to the team. So that suggestion doesn't quite sit right with me.

    Cheers :)