Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Suspension To Show India- Life is Better Without M.S.Dhoni

 "I am the leader of the side. I am the main culprit so of course I blame myself.

You have to dip your hat to the under siege Indian Captain taking ownership of the abyss India has fallen into. In the wake of another embarrassing innings loss that surrendered the Border/Gavaskar trophy back to Australia. The 3 nil score line in the series has underlined the insipid display, and has the word of transition on the lips of all cricketing pundits. Mainly focussing on the golden oldies in the Team in Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman.

This has been a feely touchy subject for India for a good long time. Even seen in the choice words of Dhoni on the matter stressing the importance of phasing out the seniors thoughtfully. Eventually this will look after itself with either the BCCI feeling compelled to act or the proud men in question knowing it is time to have a India first view and see that the future of the team is better served with youth.

Putting that on the back burner, the last Test in the ill fated series with M.S.Dhoni ruled out due to suspension for slow over rates offers India a glimpse of their future. That they might seriously want to buy into. A future that sees Team India being lead by a new Captain echoing in a new dawn for India

Logically this will lead to outrage from the hordes who worship M.S.Dhoni. Which has merits if you are talking of the shorter forms of the game where he is a true master of a leader, but in Tests as so emphasised in this series. He is one of the key factors in the Teams malaise.

Tactically clueless, and so inept at compelling his team mates to feel the need to get off the canvas when they only feel like staying down and giving up. In truth he is a leader only in name, but not in any action, and has had the good fortune of having his reputation created by reaping the rewards of his predecessors good work.

He has won the series that India were destined to win because of them lording it over lesser Team. Though in the times when an opponent is on a par compelling leadership to offer the Team a decisive edge. He has been symbolised by his incompetence or unwillingness to act

In Adelaide with him out the proof will be in the pudding. For if the Team starts running around like rambucious two year olds with all the enthusiasm of it being Christmas Eve. The Indian powers that be need to really go to school on this.

Realising that Dhoni as Captain is as much the issue in the Teams demise as any other factor, and  understanding that transition is best served by not only allowing an injection of youth, but also a new voice in leadership for the Team to grow with. 

You only have to see the success of Australia and its renaissance under the fresh face of Michael Clarke. The Team has found renewed zeal in the feel in the group and the upping of the efforts by all has been nothing short of inspirational.

If India shows similar signs of renewed vigour in Adelaide under either Virender Sehwag or Gautam Gambhir. Then the BCCI should buy into this and invest trust into either to be the leader of the new India.

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