Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Renaissance in Traditional Spin That Pakistan Has Brought To The Game!

You would have to be a walking zombie with no heart beating in your chest to not be effected by the feel good story of World Cricket in the Pakistan Cricket Team. Their dismembering of the best Team in the World has been nothing short of startling with the embrace of some old World charm from the games past being a treat to watch. 

Embodied in the embrace of the traditions of spin bowling as seen by the old style tactics employed by the masterful Captain Misbah ul Haq in support of the bowling purism of the lethal spin duo of Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rehman. Which so goes against the current trend in the game where the spectre of the T20 revolution has interjected itself into the art of spin bowling with spinners being cast in roles of defensive bowlers. Compelled to forsake the magic of their art by Captains with ultra conservative and regressive mindsets. 

You just stand and applauding in Pakistan treating this mindset with the disdain it deserves and reverting it back to a quite literal game of cat and mouse between bat and ball. Encouraging the bowlers with proactive tactics as seen in attack minded fields that encourage all the flight, guile and deception that has been the sincere weapon of all the great spinners since the games inception. The only insipid 'dart' as so supported by others that so frustrates the fans to be found if you were to rummage through the Pakistan change rooms placed between Ian Botham's eyes on a bullseye.

Just as we have seen in the mighty struggles of batsmen with Teams supporting pace bowlers through pitches and tactics this current spin revolution lead by Pakistan has equally knee buckled batting line ups. As shown in the trio of spinners taking a combined 34 wickets at an average of 14.17 against a revered English batting line up. That most would point to the immense skill of the bowlers coupled with the clueless nature of the batting. But their results have been equally assisted by how the Team has supported their skill. The success driven by the completeness of the unit in the bowlers support of each other with the fuel in their tanks being the relentless pressure heaped on batsmen by Misbah's Captaincy.

That so strangle batsmen into submission for they cannot score without taking risk with no escape vents for the pressure with deep set fields for singles to be tapped through as is the abhorrent current norm elsewhere.

Making us old dogs raise our glass in toast of Pakistan! 

Out of respect for reminding us of the days of old where spin duos such as Sonny Ramadhin and Alf Valentine, Jim Laker and Johnny Wardle, The Indian 4, and Iqbal Qasim and Abdul Qadir had us in compelled awe.

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  1. The story of "doosra" stared by Sqlain Mushtaq is now in full swing. Saeed Ajmal is using "Dossra with full mastership. At the other hand Rehman is also applying classic spin bowling techniques. Amazing combination of leg and off spin bowling.