Monday, January 23, 2012

Preview, 4th Test, Australia versus India, Adelaide

As we enter the City of Churches of Adelaide, the biggest question is whether its Test match will dictate more prayers from the besieged Indians or in fact some of their prayers being answered? 

I think more of the latter with a batting paradise pitches that they should revel on coupled by an anticipated drop off from the Aussies in the mind and facilitated by Selections. In a game that is tailor-made for that '100th hundred' -lets delve a bit further into its merits.


Likely Team

The series has been won, so Australia the Selectors have taken their foot of Indian throats in their mighty struggles against pace bowling by releasing Mitchell Starc from the Team. His place will be taken by the off spinner Nathan Lyon, which has merit on a pitch that will take spin, but it could be a raging turner and the Indians would devour any spinner. In truth, the pitch will probably blunt most of the effectiveness of the pacemen, but Lyon's selection is based on having a spinner for the sake of having a spinner. Leaving the team like this

Warner, Cowan, Marsh, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey, Haddin, Siddle, Hilfenhaus, Lyon, Harris

The Keys For Australia to Win

This is a bit of a Captain Obvious question for Australia has to do is just maintain the relentless excellence in performance they have shown from the previous three Tests. Knowing they have massively over matched an Indian unit that has shown little desire to fight back or even fight at all.

Undermining them in this game will be the pitch that will be like a bed for the Indian batsmen to lie in.

Making you think that we might see a few 'cheapies' in regards to Test centuries in this game

Away from the opposition, this game presents a wonderful opportunity for the struggling players in the Australian top 3 to post a decent score. Or  in the case of Shaun Marsh- a career saving score.

You know with the prospect of a series against the lack lustre West Indies, and the lure of the delights of the Caribbean beaches, rum, reggae clubs and delightfully beautiful women. Young Shaun might pull his finger out to make sure he is on that flight.

Against the anaemic and disheartened Indian bowling the rest of the batting should have all the fun of the fair.

The biggest interest for an Australian supporter from this match is the ability of the bowling unit to get 20 wickets in conditions that so favour batsmen. Plus, throw in the typical Adelaide brutal heat, and its not a place you want to be plying your trade as a bowler.

The key men will be Peter Siddle and Ryan Harris, who showed a real ability on batting roads in Sri Lanka. They are relentless types, that are the epitome of ticks in ones ear that drive you potty for you cannot scratch them out as a batsmen because of their unyielding assault on you. Then when they put their subtle bite on you, the next thing you know you are shaking your head as you trudge back to the Pavillion.

Blue skies and dry as a bone heat will lessen Ben Hilfenhaus's swing meaning a man that has devastated this season might struggle to get the ball to swing.

Making him rely more on his line and length to dislodge batsmen


Likely Team

This dead rubber presented the team with a perfect opportunity to inject some new blood into its batting. Though it seems that India has little care for the match or their future with its main objective that is bordering on hysteria is Sachin getting 'that century'....

Only a lazy 430,000 references come up on the Net when you type in the question 'Will Sachin Tendulkar get his century in the Adelaide Test.

I would love to see India role the dice and drop Ishant Sharma to play two spinners in the hope of winning the toss, then posting a huge score for their spinners to put to good use on a wearing pitch in the latter days.

Though courage and the Indian Selectors are about as foreign as Politicians and Principles

Leaving the Team as follows

Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Kohli, Saha, Ashwin, Zaheer, Ishant, Yadav

The Keys for India to Win

The Team has been greatly helped by losing the anchor around its neck in the incompetent Captain M.S.Dhoni with Virender Sehwag filling his position.

It offers India a glimpse of a more attack minded leader away from the moronic 5 on a boundary tactics to number 10 and 11 batsmen that Dhoni has employed in this series.

Away from the difference in tactics, the vibe in the group as a whole will be intriguing to view with reports of internal strife in the Indian camp throughout the series. That have been brushed off by their powers that be when they have reared their ugly heads, but where there is smoke there is fire. Meaning if the Team starts to have a renewed spring in their step under Sehwag it might be time for M.S.Dhoni to be put out to pasture.

This forum offers a perfect platform for Viru in his leaderships desires as well as regaining some of the lost respect in his batting. A flat Indian like track is a perfect treat for him to devour meaning a typical Sehwag rampage is on the cards.

The same could be said for the rest of the under performing Indian batting with most praying for a Sachin Tendulkar century. Which I hope becomes reality for the hordes of Indian fans, but for the benefit of the future. A Virat Kohli century would be of greater benefit for the Team. Especially after him showing some real fight and pride in the Perth Test after all his team mates meekly surrendered.

Truthfully this game offers India its best chance of regaining some pride with the toss being the key.

If India can win it and bat well on what will be a batting paradise it will present them with a perfect opportunity to exert some pressure on the Australian batting. That has done the job throughout the series, but on many fronts lacks credibility.

Whether the Indian bowling has enough might to victimise that perceived frailty is a whole different question all together. They have been undermined by the incompetence of Dhoni's tactics with only Zaheer Khan and Umesh Yadav being worthy of mention, but as a unit they have been terrible with too many under performing parts.

The only one who has gained respect is Yadav, who has been a diamond found in the dust of this tour, and is a man destined to lead the Indian attack for the next 10 years.


The match has draw written all over it.

Also, I anticipate the Indians will rise in the favourable conditions and with them losing the burden of M.S.Dhoni.

So an entertaining draw on the cards


  1. I don't wonder even if India wins this because the pitch is so flat and more suitable for Indian flat track bullies. I am expecting/guessing a ton from Sehwag here. And its the best chance for Sachin too to have his 100th 100. But still I don't have any belief on Indians. My prediction, Australia will whitewash India.


  2. @Ganesh : Sachin would definitely get his 100th hundred here. The only thing he doesn't know to handle is pressure and since they've already lost the series, he would score it now. That is what he has been doing all along in his career. Scores in 5th ODI after they've won / lost the series already or the last test after the series is already over.