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Player Ratings- Border/Gavasker Test Series

A Test series that was touted as a knock down and drag them out affair with of tension turned out to be a huge disappointment with the shameful Indian Team being white washed by a rejuvenated Australian outfit 4 nil. Needless to say, when you run the rule over the efforts of the individual players there is plenty of praise for the Australians to go with oodles condemnation for the Indian efforts.

Lets go into greater detail starting with the hosts the Australians

Series Averages:

Australia batting averages
MJ Clarke461626329*125.2089669.86200772
RT Ponting461544221108.8092259.00230500
MEK Hussey461293150*58.6050757.79111311
DA Warner46026618044.3330387.78100296
RJ Harris2214435*44.006864.7000021
EJM Cowan4602067434.3343247.68020240
BJ Haddin4528642*28.6617948.0400142
PM Siddle440774119.2516746.1000080
BW Hilfenhaus430391913.007055.7100060
NM Lyon320663.002227.2700110
SE Marsh46017112.835332.0700320
JL Pattinson2225537*-13540.7400060
MA Starc1111515*-2755.5500030
Australia bowling averages
BW Hilfenhaus48168.044465275/758/9717.222.7637.32010
MA Starc1224.277042/314/7017.502.8736.50000
PM Siddle48124.029429235/496/8518.653.4532.31010
JL Pattinson2475.015257114/436/10823.363.4240.90000
RJ Harris2478.02117963/414/11229.832.2978.00000
NM Lyon3693.31329174/635/11141.573.1180.10010
MJ Clarke4317.015411/221/2254.003.17102.00060
DA Warner412.0080---4.00-0050
MEK Hussey4619.00520---2.73-0070
EJM Cowan4------------80
BJ Haddin4------------180
SE Marsh4------------40
RT Ponting4------------60

Player Ratings:

Dave Warner:

The hype of this cavalier opening batsman has been enormous with so many in this age enamoured with his devastating style of batting. Which is understandable for it is truly breathtaking to witness when it comes off, but herein lies the main question over Dave Warner in Test Cricket. In regards to whether he can be a consistent performer in the arena. In this series he amassed 266 runs for which 180 of those were accounted for in his Perth blitz. Meaning he scored 86 in his other 5 innings at an average of 17.50 against a very average bowling attack.

Rating: 5/10

One innings that arguably won the Match for his Team gives him a pass mark, but his struggles in the other games leaves question marks on him

Ed Cowan

An old style opener that provides a perfect partner for the attack minded Warner. Though his results shows that he has struggled in the demands of the Test arena with further question marks raised by the weakness of the opposition. An average of 34.33 is not acceptable when everything is in his favour

Rating: 3/10

Not good enough considering the attack he was facing, and the fact that he was always batting with little pressure with his Team always on top.

Shaun Marsh

To average under 3 against this Indian attack was embarrassing, and if he does not get the axe. Out of sheer pride in the Baggy Green he should not accept his next Test birth.

Rating: -7/10

Rubbish, complete and utter rubbish

Ricky Ponting

The Legend certainly stuck it up his many detractors, who were baying for his blood before the series started. Though he was beating up on a very average attack he still showed some of his revered old skills that reminded us that there is plenty of life left in Punta.

Rating 10/10

Excellent in so many regards, not just in his batting, but how well he has supported Michael Clarke as a leader behind the leader

Michael Clarke

At present he is arguably the best batsman in the World and the best Captain

Need we say more?

Rating 14/10

One of the most skilled, complete, and inspirational series from a player in recent memory

Mike Hussey

Steady series from another veteran who was loaded into the gun before the series started. He showed he still has plenty to gave, and is an integral part of the Team.

Rating: 7/10

The substandard Indian bowling attack makes me rate him lower, but he still was a very fine performer.

Brad Haddin

Time for Haddin to go, and in truth if it was not for the career threatening injury to Tim Paine he would have been replaced by now. He was very average for most of this series, and it would not surprise to see him be given the option of 'retire from International Cricket or we will drop you.' Allowing him to be spared the embarrassment of being axed.

Look for Matthew Wade to be behind the stumps in Australia's next Test

Rating: 2/10

Very average with both bat, and behind the stumps

James Pattinson:

Before injury this young Dandenong lad, who plays at the Club I used to many moons ago showed the potential to be a breathtakingly brilliant strike bowler. His pace, that gets into the mid 145's and ability to swing the ball both ways makes him lethal. Throw in a nice bit of old style hatred for batsmen, and he is such a lovely prospect.

Rating: 8.5/10


Peter Siddle:

You cannot truly put into words how great this big hearted boy from the Bush was in this series. He rarely got the sexy figures of others, but he got all the crucial wickets.

Lead the attack brilliantly

Rating: 11/10


Mitchell Starc

Only played in one Test, but was so impressive in that with his fire and ability to swing the ball late. His highlight was getting Sachin Tendulkar LBW to a peach of an inswinger

Rating: 7/10

He showed immense potential in his one Test, but one swallow does not make a Summer meaning he only gets a 7

Ben Hilfenhaus

The ex bricklayer from Tassie went all Biblical on us in this series in regards to doing a Lazarus.

After being dead to rites last season with the English belting him back to Shield Cricket to being devastating in this series.

Regained his pace and rediscovered his swing that made him lethal.

Rating: 10/10


Ryan Harris

One of the most skilled and intelligent pace bowlers going around. 

Did not have the same success of the other pacemen, but my word can this lad bowl!

Rating: 7/10

Impressive in his bowling in the games he played

Nathan Lyon

A big hearted spinner that was very much a non entity for the majority of the series with him picking up a few cheap wickets against the disinterested Indians in the 4th Test.

Rating 4/10

Was always likely to struggle against the Masters of playing spin, and duly did until receiving a few gifts in the last Test. He will do better against other Teams, and until this series has been very impressive

Series Averages:

India batting averages
V Kohli48030011637.5057951.81111341
SR Tendulkar4802878035.8751855.40020381
R Ashwin3611636232.6022572.44010192
V Sehwag4801986724.7525777.04021290
R Dravid4801946824.2555135.20010250
G Gambhir4801818322.6244540.67011220
MS Dhoni36110257*20.4017857.30010101
VVS Laxman4801556619.3739039.74011170
WP Saha120383519.0011433.3300011
U Yadav48528219.338134.5600131
Z Khan48069358.628680.23003102
I Sharma48149167.0017028.8200250
R Vinay Kumar1201165.502445.8300020
India bowling averages
Z Khan46147.022477154/777/13031.803.2458.80000
U Yadav46118.014551145/937/17639.354.6650.51010
R Ashwin35168.02056593/815/26762.773.36112.00010
R Vinay Kumar1113.007311/731/7373.005.6178.00000
I Sharma46125.31545152/432/9190.203.59150.60000
V Sehwag4448.2115711/201/20157.003.24290.00030
V Kohli429.00260---2.88-0030
MS Dhoni3------------80
R Dravid4------------00
G Gambhir4------------10
VVS Laxman4------------60
WP Saha1------------20
SR Tendulkar4------------30

Player Ratings

Virender Sehwag:

You cannot really have a go at Sehwag for his style of play which he has built a very successful career around it. But in this series it just stood out for its recklessness, and the huge effect it had on the Team. His dismissal in the 2nd innings of Adelaide where he skied a full toss that he could have lobbed into the Nullarbor condemned him on two fronts. Firstly for the lapsed nature of the shot, and then worse for him walking off almost laughing with so little care.

That just made you seethe with him being Captain and setting such an ambivalent example

Rating: -2/10

Shameful in so many regards

Gautam Gambhir

Tried his best to fight in countering his weakness outside off and his aversion to the short ball, but was just over matched. Proving that he is a Prince on flat tracks and a Pauper on more Test standard decks

Rating 3/10

Struggle mightily, but rated above his opening partner for he show a semblance of Heart

Rahul Dravid

It was in truth sad to see one as beloved and respected as this great player be made to look so average. His nickname of 'The Wall' was blown away with him being bowled 6 times on the tour. Which showed that decay is now part of his game and he needs to retire

Rating: 1/10

My sincere apologies Dravid ji, but it is time to go!

Sachin Tendulkar

On  many occasions threatened to play a match defining innings, but always came up short. A player regarded as in the best in the games history but so struggled to stand defiant against the Aussie onslaught. Which makes you diminish his legacy somewhat. Then worse in the field on many occasions chose to go and hide on the boundary rather than be in the heat of the battle trying to instigate some fight.

Rating: 2/10

A man regarded as 'The best since Bradman' was very mortal, and in truth very disappointing

VVS Laxman

It breaks my heart to condemn a player that I idolise, but on watching him in this series you know that Father Time has caught up with the Very Very Special one. Watching him get caught on many times in the series supports this view, and him getting out to a mediocre twirler on a highway in Adelaide casts it in stone. For Laxman is all about batting purism that dictates the ball is never hit in the air, and with him getting caught you can see his reflexes are fast going and with it his timing.

Rating: 1/10

My Lord, I am sorry, but it is time for you to retire

Virat Kohli

Showed he still has issues with the Mental side of the game by responding to the typical Aussie taunts, but was one of the few that stood up in the field. His last two Tests in Perth and Adelaide showed a real skill with the bat and resoluteness in his play. Showing real leadership when all his Team mates chose to give up, and deserves the highest praise.

Rating: 9/10

The rating is more about him standing up against the tidal wave going against India. Which you cannot praise highly enough for in crisis a man who decides to stand up and try to fight back deserves lauding.


Rubbish as a Test batsman and worse as a Test Captain. 

Rating: -4/10

Should do India a favour and retire as a Test player and go be a specialist in Pyjama Cricket

Wriddhiman Saha

Neat and tidy as a Keeper and very technically adept as a batsman. Showed some real fight in the 1st innings of the 4th Test with Kohli

Rating: 6/10

Decent player with a Test future

Vinay Kumar

Sadly for this player will probably end up as a point of ridicule when someone makes up the worst Test Team of all time.

Rating 0/10

Gets to tell his grand kids when he is old and grey that he played a Test for India and got a wicket

Ishant Sharma

Everyone for some reason makes excuses for this fast bowler saying how unlucky he always is.

I think the truth of the matter is that he is just a crap bowler!

Rating: -1/10

Always disappoints and should be dropped!

Zaheer Khan

It is apparent that Zaks is diminished, but he still put in a very respectable series relying on his guile and supreme skill.

Rating: 8/10

Always a great performer for India

Ravichandran Ashwin

Talented bowler, but rarely showed this by getting results with the Aussies for the most part just treating him with disdain. I think he has a future, and will become a very decent bowling all rounder for India

Rating: 4/10

Not up to scratch in this series, but will take lessons that will help him become a very respected player

Umesh Yadav

Very green in experience, but showed at times great skill with the ball, and then gained real respect by showing some real fight. A bowler that will lead the attack for a decade with distinction.

Rating 8/10

Very fine series from the young man!

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