Friday, January 20, 2012

Mohammad Amir- Yes or No?

Every young cricketer dreams of playing for his country. Only the very lucky few get the chance, most keep dreaming and waiting. It is the ultimate high, representing millions of people, knowing you are the best amongst them, making them proud, making your parents proud, raising your country's name as high as possible. Everybody should have the right to be considered for selection but should anyone be given 2 rights after they have abused the first one?

Mohammed Amir, along with two other cricketers were banned and jailed for spot-fixing last year. There is outrage and disgust at the two senior players but surprisingly there is sympathy for Amir because of his age. Now the jail term is nearing its end and Amir will soon be released from prison. His lawyers may appeal for his ban to be shortened so he can play cricket sooner rather than later. Now the question arises, Should Amir be allowed to play for Pakistan again?

When the news first broke in Aug 2010, many Pakistan fans walked away from the game for good, they were disheartened, disillusioned and disgusted so much that for them, enough was enough. As a Pakistan fan, I too have been through so much heartache and pain in the past 20 years. We were accused of ball-tampering in the early nineties, our players were caught taking drugs on the beach, we had the test forfeiting debacle, the media dis-liked us for pitch invading, players were accused of faking injuries in crucial games, ball-biting, dancing on the pitch, coach murdering and shooting the Sri Lankan team in Lahore are just some of them, and for many years match-fixing allegations were rife, but the one that broke the camels back was the guilty spot-fixing verdicts. I remember the England team pondering whether or not to carry on hosting us for the tour of 2010, who was to blame them, who would want to play against a bunch of spot-fixers? The first T20 in September at Cardiff was soldout but it was apparent that half of the seats were empty, people had bought tickets but chose to stay away and I fear if Amir does come back, many more fans will walk away for good out of disgust.

I personally do not think he or the other two should ever be allowed to wear the Pakistan shirt again. He was given a chance but blew it, there are hundreds of thousands of boys who dream of playing for their country and do not get even ONE chance, who are talented but have no-one to put a word in for them, who can play but can't afford a kit, who have the talent but have to go to work to survive because their parents are too old. What gives this guy the right to get 2 chances? When you wear that shirt you play for your country not for yourself, you do not fill your own pockets, you do not underperform on purpose, you do not devalue the wearing of that shirt, you do not use the shirt for your own personal gain, frankly you do not spot-fix.

I think most people sadly only see the crime of 3 no-balls, they only see the stepping over the line by a few inches, they only see 3 runs given away, thats why they are so willing to accept him back. They do not see the shame the 3 have brought to the country, they do not see the betrayal of the shirt, they do not see the mockery that was made of the chance he was given, they do not remember the humiliation every single Pakistan fan had to face at work, school or college the next day. Now they want him to have ANOTHER chance. Why ? Are they putting a player before the country, is the honour of the country not as important anymore? If someone disrespected your mother, would you give them another chance? If your mother chose them over millions of others and had her faith in them and they threw it back in her face would you allow that to happen again ? These three dis-respected our Motherland. Why do people want to see him back? Who are these people? Have these people ever even been to a cricket match or even bought a team shirt. Or are they that desperate to see Pakistan win that they don't care what he has done. For me any win with any one of them in the team will be a hollow victory, a diminished and fickle victory. We must make a stance and start afresh, we must sacrifice potential short term success for the future. Sport should be sport and winning should not be everything. Losing with dignity is better than winnning with disrespect.

People will think I am a hater, but far from it. I loved that guy and was so proud when he played for us.It is sad everytime I hear his name, it brings agony and frustration. He was without doubt one of the best young bowlers at the time, a fantastic future lay ahead of him. Described as potentially being better than Wasim Akram, he was a diamond, he was a Kohinoor of fast bowlers. he was admired and envied by every team. Not just a sad loss to Pakistan but a sad loss to all cricket. How I wish it was all a bad dream.

Even God is all forgiving if the person truly repents so who are we to ask for him not to be given another chance. Fine, let him play again when his ban is over, but not in my name, not for my country and not in that shirt which he disrespected. I want only the best for my country, role models we can be proud of, ones that our children can emulate. Parents will always love their children no matter what they do wrong. I will always have a love for Amir, but please give another kid a chance who deserves it.

I would love to know if you agree or not. I ask the question : Should he play for Pakistan again?

YES OR NO ? Thats all I ask.



  1. Yes he should be allowed to play. Reason is simple. When you commit a crime and then you are punished for it and you carry that sentence then after the time you are pardoned. You can't tell the ex-con that he is not welcome anymore because he committed a crime. So he did but then he has been going through his punishment. It was his first offense and hopefully last one too. The other two shouldn't be allowed. Salman because he is an educated person, he should have known better. He was not someone like Amir, who doesn't know anything. Asif has a history. He is a repeat offender. So on the account of this, these three should be treated accordingly.

  2. Treating all three of them in a similar manner would just be like having 3 photos developed in different sizes and trying to fix them up into one frame. That practically and theoretically is neither possible nor feasible. No doubt Amir committed the same crime as other two did but the difference is of the level of understanding they had. Amir was 18 when he did that, and one cannot expect mountains of maturity from a lad of that age. He just got talked into it most probably by his captain. Furthermore he courageously admitted his fault unlike the other two who were all the time trying to confront the court just like Zardari is doing in Pakistan.
    And another important thing, Y is it so that only we the south asian teams in general and Pakistan in particular have the contract to bearing the responsibility of everything that goes wrong in cricket. Why has Shane Warne not been investigated for his divine knowledge of England vs India Match result in WC 2011 ? Why has Australian team not been investigated over the allegations of Bracket Fixing ? Why is someone not talking abt Aus vs SA test match just a month ago where scores in each innings were dramatic ? Why was Azhar ud Din not sent to jail and just given a life ban and that too at almost the end of his career. Why no one gets suspicious at the bowling actions of Australain or English bowlers, wat, do only our bowlers have deformed limbs ?? they are all perfect ??
    So YES, I repeat YES, Mohammad Amir should be given a chance and allowed to play again for Pakistan. He did a crime, he has been punished and now his crime is go went gone, Plus as the son of judge i can also tell you that, under no law, Pakistani or international, sn offender cannot be given two punishments for one crime.

  3. @Talat There are certain things that you wrote that do not match up with really happened to Mohammad Amir. You wrote that he courageously admitted his fault. What you failed to mention was that it took him over a year after the spot-fixing scandal broke, to admit that he did bowl deliberate no-balls during the Test match at the home of Cricket, Lord's. If he had confessed after a week, I might have been more sympathetic and say yes he should be allowed back. But he did, for financial gain, bring the game into disrepute. Butt and Asif have behaved as if nothing happened, but with the testimony of the agent on film, they did not have a leg to stand on. The other thing you have to consider is: will the Pakistan players allow him back into the squad.

    1. Buddy you admit or deny such things on a forum, not just randomly in front of the media guyz. ICC banned them after their own kind of investigations which were done under ICC conde of conduct and mind you, International laws or Local laws of any country can overrule the laws of any organization. So he did the right thing by pleading guilty in the court. An India dominant would have given this kind of a decision anyway.
      One technical question still remain unanswered. Y has the reporter not been investigated and punished for approaching someone with intention of match fixing. Is it not a crime ? Who knows it wasn't his intention to fix the spots ? who knows he hasn't done that in the past ? they way he was seen dealing with mazhar majeed, it seems he was a professional and knew the language of the circle? it is not such that yuh ll just go up to a guy and say hey i wanna fix the spots or brackets in this match,take this money and do it for me. So the lacunas in the proceedings are still there. He admitted it after a year but only wen the forum was suitable. where else he would have admitted it ???

  4. I had already expressed my opinion in the previous topic. So, all I'd say here is YES!

  5. After five years, why not? If a 18 year old boy dosn't know the difference between right and wrong, then am sorry to say.. he is mentally challenged, Age has got nothing to do with it.

    1. I'm seventeen and I do think that I know what is right and what is wrong for me, or so I believe. So, what you're saying might be right that one has to be mentally challenged.

      However, there are several theories of psychology claiming, of which I'm not so sure, that teenagers can easily be influenced. Besides, he can't be given severe punishment even by the law.

  6. they pcb should bring other yongsters amir should be bad for lifetime pakistan cricket team

  7. amir should be ban for lifetime

  8. Well I think he should be given another chance. If he will be banned forever then it means there is no relaxation for committing a crime. He has completed his sentence.

  9. Hi All

    @Tallat .. buddy you missed , Gibbs and marlin Smuels in your first commment

    For Amir, yes I think after punishment you should give him a chance to breath other it looks like we are saying him to go to hell, Gibbs is not in hell, samuels is not in hell they both were involve in MATCH FIXING bigger crime then Spot Fixing, if the Got a chance then why not Amir, and believe me in Pakistan there are other things as well like Place in Pakistani team, Captain force you to do something bad if you want to stay in the team, that is why Salman is facing extreme punishment and life ban of 10 years. Amir was young , uneducated and a person like salman butt can easily pressurise him.

    In my Opinion we should open our gates for Amir and give him another chance.

  10. Firstly may I thank all those who commented on my article and also all those that read it. The question I raised on whether he should play for Pakistan again balances on the 'wrong' he did against the Country not the crime he commited by law. I too believe once the punishment has been served then the crime committed should be pardoned.
    But what about his 'crime' or 'wrong' against the Country for which there is no law. Where is the punishment for that? He cannot be sentanced for the shame he caused the Pakistan population or the embarrassement he caused to his team mates. He insulted the wearing of the shirt, made a mockery of his selection, abused the privilege he was given. There is now law against these hence no punishment. But these 'wrongs' are what I feel strongly about.
    He should play cricket again after his ban but not for the pride of the Country. The country is forever tarnished with this stain and sadly the causers of the stain should not be allowed to play for it again.
    Thank you for reading

  11. yes
    M.AAmer should play pakistan.
    because he is not guilty.
    I think Salman butt is guilty man and he forced Aamer to do spot fixing.
    so M.Ammer should play
    my best wishes are with M.Aamer
    May God Bless Him

  12. @ author
    again the same reply but in different context this tym
    one thing is committing a crime,a wrong knowingly, deliberately, trying to cover up all the tracks of th crime, lying about it, trying to do everything possible to evade the laws.
    this is one case
    and the other is u commit a crime, a wrong while being ignorant or unclear abt the gravity of it in which yer lack of knowledge, experience and general know how may also have contributed coupled with some instigation from another person "do it man, its nothing, its normal, ppl do it all the times" stuff.
    amir is a classical example of the second case.thus completely qualifies for another chance