Tuesday, January 3, 2012

India should not let Gambhir rot

At the moment, it is clear for the most of eyes that Gambhir is out of sorts. He is way short of confidence to play at international stage. Every time when he walks out in the middle, his mind will be thinking like "how can i score runs" rather than "which shots i should play". Its evident in the way he played over the last three series and his dismissals if grouped, will be identical ones.

Its time to stop slip catching practice

It is ironic in a way that most times its the opponent who expose the batsmen weakness and every other team just latches onto that tactics to trouble him but in Gambhir case, its him who exposed his weakness to all. He got huge technique problem that will make very harder for him to stay in the wicket longer and even more to score runs. He is neither going forward or back when defending the balls irrespective of its length and its a clear sign of low confidence. To top his problems, the balls that needs to be played with straight bat are either played across or angled bat. In a way you can say, Gambhir is looking to score runs off every ball and in hind side, its a reflection of his bad concentration that he doesn't know which ball to hit, which to defend and which to leave.

Gambhir is going down like Harbhajan was couple of years ago. Harbhajan too had both technique and confidence problems like not flighting the ball and angling the ball down the leg-side more often that completely varnished his chances to take wickets. Harbhajan should have been dropped to get his rhythm and confidence back in 2008 itself but Indian team let him rot. I don't see Harbhajan coming back with confidence and rhythm anytime in near future. When i say in near future, I meant atleast a year from now.

Hope India doesn't do same mistake to Gambhir. Leave the runs apart, I didn't remember Gambhir batting for long period of time in the middle for atleast a year now. Whether he succeeds or not in the remaining matches of the ongoing test series against Australia, he should be sent back to India to correct his technique and get his confidence back rather than playing him in ODI series. At best, we all know what Gambhir can do but now its time for school.

I don't know why but strangely every player who was talked to be India's next captain in the last decade found their way out of the team very soon. Players like Yuvraj and Sehwag are good enough to make a comeback but Kaif was a forgotten hero. Gambhir has already made one comeback to Indian team in his short career and another one will be very tough unless he works harder.

Either Rahane or Mukund should be given long run in the place of Gambhir in test team. My pick will be Mukund. Because he is a old school boy who loves to play long innings and he did that time & again in domestic matches with big scores for Tamil Nadu in Ranji. He got very good defence and temperament which are essential for opener to succeed in different conditions. With him being lefty, India can maintain the right-left combination at top.

Its time to welcome new boys in the India team!


  1. No.. I dont think so. Gambhir's struggle is more linked with confidence rather than technique or temperament. Every player finds himself in this situation and Gambhir needs just a knock to get back to his best. One century by one or more Indian batsman and the whole team will get going. They just need that kind of a motivation.

  2. runs are not problem with Gambhir. He did score runs in ODI series but kind of dismissal are all similar in last 4 months. I am saying prevention is better than cure.

  3. I don't think it is possible for India to drop Gambhir. Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman are not going to be in the team forever and probably, on such a situation, India may have to use Gambhir at number three, probably bring Raina in the main team and bring in a new opener. Mukund is a better choice than Rahane but he too, has to change his game. Mukund's style of play is not ideal for test cricket as of now and similar to the problem of Gambhir, he is trying to score runs off every ball. He'd be a good batsman in ODI or T20 but as of now, he is not ready for tests (for that matter, I don't think India have any proper replacement as of now for opener spot).

  4. Man O man... Mukund style not ideal for test cricket? comen..you better watch some of his ranji innings this season man. He is rocks solid and played many single handler for Tamil Nadu (happens to be my state actually).

    Raina for test? please... Big No!!!