Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glory,Shame and The Future Is Seen In Virat Kohli's Century!

He was stricken by the 'Kohli-wobbles' on 99 making him lose his relentless focus while indulging in a 'chat' with his Aussie mate Dave Warner that nearly saw him throw away a much deserving milestone. Add to the drama was an Ishant Sharma, that seemed intent on indulging in 'harikari' with only a virtual bunny in Umesh Yadav to come, and the very real heart break of being left high and dry.

The burgeoning mix of farce and tragedy was averted by a clip through a gap that could have seen 3 runs taken, but the overjoyed Kohli was too caught in the moment of getting that 1 to bring up his century. That must have given him such satisfaction in the achieving of such glory that afforded him to a perfect chance to stick it up some of his many critics. Who have been so willing to label him as a flat track bully, and a mental midget with how easily it is to wind him up.

Good on him too for his innings embodied every thing that India has so lacked in its time in Australia. A large part of that being pride in performance which is the highest form of condemnation for some of the legends in the Team

Kohli not only coursed that pride through all of his veins. He showed the type of relentless determination and steely resolve that would have brought a Cheshire Cat smile to the poster child of those qualities in Sunil Gavaskar. As was apparent in the previous one Test in Perth, he  virtually represented one against 11 in his desire to fight against the tidal wave from the Australians. He inspired with his choice to take a step forward to eye ball his many adversaries in a confrontation that had them back peddling as he prevailed victorious.

It not only showed the Indian powers that be that he is a player with the calibre to rise to the very top of batsmen in the Test arena, but also one that oozes of leadership. The witnessing of this needs to have Kohli as the centre point of the Team going forward with its edict being built around the embrace of the present and future, rather than the irrational hold onto the past.

A master stroke for the Team to echo in this renaissance would be him being made Vice Captain for the next Test series, and being groomed as the Teams long term leader. Ideally as deputy to Gautam Gambhir with them being presented with a fresh canvas for them to leave their imprints on

This would mean the legends of Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar need to go with them having no reason to remain. In the respect that they are indeed icons of the game, but with the Team now losing and struggling the need is for an infusion of new blood in the Team to add some much needed enthusiasm

Bringing with it a rebirth of the Team in their quest for lost credibility and pride


  1. I didn't think that it was going to be Virat Kohli who would be the first Indian to score a century at Australia in this series.