Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Eerie Similarity Between Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi

'Trying to catch lightning in a bottle' is the saying that instantly comes to my mind when the names of Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi come up in conversation. Both being true blessings of Cricketing nature in their free spirited inspirational ways, but so impossible to trap within confines of the many disciplines that are needed.

They so polarise the thoughts of fans too from the old fuddyduddys like me who despise them because I see them as being mercenary Prima Donas. Then others, who would beg, borrow and steal to view them and pay homage. In the knowledge that they are the master showmen in this the age of flash that so propels the game commercially. Just think of how apt the moniker of BOOM BOOM is for Afridi with his cavalier never out of the game mannerisms. Whether it is his fielding, bowling or smashing the ball into neighbouring postcodes with his power hitting.

Ask yourself is there a more associated image in the game as Afridi arms raised in the air with his team mates rushing to celebrate with him?
Look in the same dazzling mirror and you will see Chris Gayle being a BOOM BOOM clone for the sincere showman he is....

The top gun for hire of every T20 franchise because of his brutal hitting that leaves all in complete awe and guarantees bums on seats in stacked Stadiums to watch him play. His hitting is unparalleled in its daring and sheer levels of massacre. If cricket balls had unions they would be demonstrating against Chris Gayle for his litany of abuses!
All this previous homage paid to their might in the slap and giggle forms of the game only tells part of their tales. Granted, they are at the top of the tree in these forms of the game, but the true worth of both is seen in their 'meaning'. A 'meaning' that reaches out to all in their Nations from the big wigs in administration counting their riches, the team mates on the field who rise to their aura, and the fans who find joy in their days from immersing in their deeds.

Two of the three have stood true to both, but the Administrators have so failed in the handling of both with everyone else paying. They have tried to rule them which for free spirits means conflict and fracture in the relationship when greater sense was seen in managing them, .Thankfully the Pakistani prodigal son in Shahid Afridi has been welcomed back into the fold after a self imposed retirement in response to bitterness against the powers that be.

Embracing and restoring the 'Spiritual Leader' of the Team and the fans.....

Ernest Hilaire
As Caribbean Cricket lurches from bad to worse to beyond redemption it becomes remarked on for the Soap Opera like feud between Chris Gayle and the West Indies Cricket Board. Which resembles an over bearing parent at loggerheads with a disobedient child- neither completely wrong or right, but the feud pissing off all around them.........It has come to the point where the choice of who is right or wrong is no longer relevant with the only thing that matters is to get Gayle back into the fold.

Empty Stands due to disenfranchised fans through their hatred of the actions of the WICB depriving them of their stars makes this imperative. Reality for this is seen in both embracing the catch cry of Cricket in the region seen in the anthem 'Rally Around The West Indies' lead by the people at loggerheads burying the hatchet for the good of all. Most notably Ernest Hilaire and Chris Gayle, who both need to sit down listen to that anthem and put their egos aside.

This lead needs to come from the man who is seen as the wrecking ball of West Indies Cricket in Hilaire. A sincerely intelligent man that is so ignorant in people skills as seen in his handling of Gayle.

About the approach of the WICB to Gayle, it would seem that they want to control this being, this larger than life man who dances like a freight train when he gets a wicket. Would it not be a better idea to have this man on your side, and unleash him against your competition on the field, like the “Gayle storm” that ravaged the IPL?
Read more: http://www.caribbean360.com/index.php/opinion/472931.html#ixzz1jCXEBXo6 

Makes remarkable sense that quote to the point that it leaves you sincerely confused as to why Ernest Hilaire and the rest of his cronies cannot see this......

Let us hope that they make decisions with great foresight in the near future or ideally yesterday would have been perfect timing. For further sitting on hands seething over egos will result in only one thing

RIP- West Indies Cricket..........


  1. I do agree that WICB must bury the hatchet with Chris Gayle for their better performance as well as survival.

    What West Indies don't have right now is a star whom upcoming cricketers can idolise. There is Chris Gayle, who doesn't play international matches because of his problems with the board. Moreover, the proximity of the region to the United States of America would naturally attract more people to American sports, baseball and basketball (very boring sports, in my opinion).

    However, to say that West Indies Cricket is dead is ridiculous, Mr. Holt. Their team is very young and from how they performed in India, despite the defeats, shows that they definitely have the skill. Players like Darren Bravo, Brathwhaite, Barath - all have a lot of potential and if they continue to get this international exposure under the guidance of experienced players like Samuels and Chanderpaul, West Indies would definitely be able to field a very strong team for the 2015 World Cup at ANZ. What they lack now is experience and tactics. Experience can be gained but for tactics, you need a coach with a different approach to be successful.

    But, I believe that the West Indies Cricket Board is bound to be fragile. One might call be narrow-minded but in this case, yes, I'm narrow-minded. West Indies Cricket team is formed by the amalgamation of cricket boards of various sovereign states. When there is disagreement over policy, stronger teams in the union like Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago might threaten to withdraw from the union, which Trinidad already did in 2008. That is the real threat that West Indies face. The current unit definitely have the will and skill.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Sorry for not mentioning why people might think I'm narrow minded. I'm against the concept of regions forming teams. This is supposed to be international cricket, a battle between sovereign states and not a battle between regions. In such a case, one can form a team, Rest of Europe, with the best of players from the non-British teams, one might create a reasonably strong team (with players like Moises Henriques and Jason Krejza, considering their secondary nationality).

    Hence, I'm against the concept of teams like West Indies, Ireland and England. I understand that you're Irish, Mr.Holt, I'm not intending any personal offence but I'm just stating my opinion as such and I feel it would be better if Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland become separate teams and there is a common British team.

    Of course, one might say that I have developed such opinions because I'm not from any of the countries involved and so, it is easy to maintain such an opinion and I can't understand the problem from its root.

    The aforementioned statements are mere personal opinions.

    Have a nice day,