Monday, January 9, 2012

Does Mohammad Amir Deserve A Second Chance?

When I take a walk in the shoes of Pakistani fans at the present time I think of that song from the 1980's 'The futures so bright, I have to wear shades.....' 

A Team that is undefeated in Test Cricket in over 12 months with plenty of precocious young talent waiting in the wings. The installation of a competent PCB Chairman in Zaka Ashraf that has facilitated the return of Cricket to its fine Nation, and then the grand daddy of all good news for 600 million Pakistanis who so bleed the Teams 'green'......

In the likely release from Prison of the genius youngster Mohammad Amir and talk of his return to the Team

The main question over this is whether he will or should ever be welcomed in the Pakistani Team again because of the immense shame he brought to the Nation through he part in corruption?

Admittedly, a peripheral part in the corruption and a role he accepted guilt for. Though the level of wrong is never an issue, it is more a point of the act itself, and in this case his actions were tantamount to treason. Making them hard to forgive and impossible to forget.

Meaning the stench of a 'fixers tag' that Pakistan has worked so hard to put in its past would again become centre stage if he is allowed back in the Team. Just by the fact that once you have been proven of being under handed, mud sticks, no matter how rehabilitated and principled you become.

His only saving grace is his age of 19 allowing redemption to be found for his sins. In regards to he was a boy surrounded by men in a cut throat game where wads of huge amounts of money were on offer. So it is alright to talk about taking the moral high ground as an onlooker, but a whole lot more difficult when you are part of a circle where nightmares could be made to come true if you resist.

If you take away the past and look in the present and future he could indeed be used as a face for the fight against corruption by leading impressionable youth away from possible bad choices.

In respect to their is little doubt that greatness was his destiny with his skill as a left arm swing bowler that had the likes of Imran Khan resemble him in talent and skill to the immortal Wasim Akram. Then you throw into the bargain that he is a very good looking boy with a real charisma about him off the field, the potential for him to be used for future good is there for all to see.

Through the fanzine that would worship his every deed on and off the field

Ultimately Pakistan will have to weigh up his past against his present/future deciding whether vehement disdain or unbridled excitement is their overwhelming feeling.

Ill throw my 2 cents in by hoping we see him making batsmen look real silly with his precocious talents when his ban expires.


  1. it's still 4 years tim! that's not coming early!

  2. I feel he definitely needs a second chance. In 2009, I felt that he was one of the best fast bowlers at that time and back then, he was just a teenager. If he improves his game, he may even surpass the two Ws.

    Regarding the fixing, the humiliation he brought to PCB, I feel, only the case of Mohammad Aamer must be forgiven and forgotten. It is easy to be influenced by two senior members of your team (Salman and Asif) considering his background and particularly when he was just eighteen.

    I still feel that for a person like Aamir, four years won't be a very long wait and he must definitely be back to playing international cricket. He has the calibre and once he completes his exile, isn't that punishment enough? Why penalise him further by not selecting him in the national team?

    Have a nice day.

  3. i really want him to have a second chance, asif and butt should not get a second chance, especially asif, although he was and probably is a great bowler but he is the main criminal with 65000 euro whereas butt with 10,000 aprox and amir with 2500,. but they r equal sinners, yet amir probably was pushed and forced, if amir declares he is sorry and he will not do this anymore, then definately he should get a second chance. and people make mistakes not saytan, so amir should get a second chnce, but not asif at all.

  4. Hi allz,i just wanna say that he should be given a second chance because every body does make mistakes but you should be given 2nd chance to tell the world that you are now on the good path.
    I also play cricket at club level,i met so many young fast bowler who call themselves "Muhammad Aamir". It's because of amir's huge talent.They All Want Him Back.
    I Think It's also the failure of "ICC ANTI CORRUPTION UNIT".
    As A Cricket Fan I want Him Back In International Cricket As Soon As Possible.