Thursday, January 5, 2012

Analysis of the 2nd Australia versus India Test

Any thoughts of the comprehensive 1st Test victory being an aberration were blown away by Australia flogging India with more ease in this game. The manner in which India all too readily fell to their knees in a meek surrender in the face of the Aussie fire was both embarrassing for them as respected players and so disrespectful to their hordes of devout followers.

In the face of the White Flag going up so easily one can only have concerns for the prospects for India going forward with the very real prospect of another shameful whitewash as seen in England in this series

Lets look at the merits and flaws of both Teams


The game was over as soon as the Indians were bowled out for 191 on the first day on a pitch that had 500 written all over it.

Invariably the focus on that insipid Indian batting display will be very much about them, but it takes away from an Australian attack that has been excellent in all regards. As well as the tactics that have so backed them up in their success in dismembering the lauded Indian batting.

The trio of James Pattinson, Peter Siddle and the Lazarus like Ben Hilfenhaus deserve all the plaudits, but as all have stated with vigour as much credit must go to the new bowling Coach Craig McDermott. The unit that he has developed with the three is nothing short of remarkable with all having the strike capabilities with their sublime pace and skill as well as their strict adherence to a laser like tight off stump lines.Then with all discovering the beauties of reverse swing it has made them all a true wrecking ball for the Indian batting.

They have a remarkable pragmatism about them too with the ability to combine their attacking instinct with a real ability to revert to defensive bowling when it has been needed. Which has been so lacking in Australia's bowling unit for a good long time.

Their efforts in the 2nd innings when India were on top showed their pedigree. Firstly, when Siddle dismissed Gambhir on 83 and then the tight lines that lead to the breaking of the partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman that threatened to take the game into the 5th day. Remarkably the Little Master falling to Michael Clarke, who is having the game of his life.

For those fans of sublime bowling skill find a replay of Ben Hilfenhaus's peach of a delivery to VVS Laxman that looked as though it was drifting into the centre of Laxman's bat on leg, but then straightened clipping the top of off.

As much as the bowling facilitated the victory especially in the 2nd innings to bowl out India on a batting paradise it would be incompetent not to mention the heroes in the batting.

Most notably Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting, who shared in a partnership of 298 after joining forces when Australia were teetering at 37/3.

Ponting getting a century after a two year drought, and Clarke effortlessly reeling of 329 unbeaten, and then declaring on himself. If not for that declaration, then forget Brian Lara's Test mark of 400 for with the ease in which the Australian skipper was batting. He might have even beaten the first class record of 501 in this match.

In the face of that selfless declaration by Clarke and the message it gave to his Team mates, the budding youngsters on the outskirts of the Team, and indeed the whole sporting mad Australian public.

Save this game on your PC's as the start of the Michael Clarke lead Australian renaissance in Test Cricket


Michael Clarke

Do we really need to explain why?

1. His incredible innings of 329 unbeaten that commandeered a rescue mission that was so profound that it took Australia from being in the stew to being near certain of victory

2. The inspiration of his declaration, that made his Team mates sprout extra legs in following Clarke's determination of a Team first ethos in seeking wins

3. His dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar on 80 that ensured the victory

Craig McDermott's Bowling unit

The man known as 'Billy the Kid' since taking over as Australian bowling Coach has made all of them into World beaters. Transforming the fortunes of Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus as well as guiding James Pattinson in his infancy in the game where he has dominated.

I would be rude in the extreme if I did not mention the trio of aforementioned bowlers, who have so brought into the lessons of McDermott to form a trio of quicks that has the potential to be exceptional


How can we write anything positive about India after witnessing their shameful display in this Test?

The Test has been symbolised by a series of lost opportunities such as major ones like their rubbish batting display on day one to be dismissed for 191 or the little ones like Zaheer Khan failing to run out Ricky Ponting on 99. That from a series point of view would have been a great blow for India to keep Punta under pressure.

Then the manner in which they just meekly surrendered was offensive to their fans in the extreme. Especially in their insipid effort in the field in allowing Australia to get from 37/3 to 659/4. Where they just so dropped their collective shoulders and with it their efforts just disappeared.

Admittedly this is the responsibility of all the individual players, but it to a large part falls at the feet of Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni. Who in the midst of witnessing all this did nothing to arrest it, and try to buck up his Team mates to make a stand, and try to turn the game around.

In witnessing this after the series that is now all but gone M.S.Dhoni should be sacked. For he is not a Test Captains bootlace in any regard, and in truth is an anchor around the Test Teams neck.

The only little ray of sunshine in this insipid performance was the return to form of Gautam Gambir and VVS Laxman with the bat in the 2nd innings as well as the big hearted efforts of Zaheer Khan with the ball.

As this game comes to an end all the players should hold their heads in shame and indeed an apology for their lack of efforts should be made to the Indian public


The Whole Team

Rubbish, Embarrassing, Insipid, Shameful, Disrespectful, Offensive, Harami etc etc

I could go on about this performance by India, but I think you get my drift!

Then with it India needs to make changes in all departments of the Team


  1. I was just waiting for your analysis..... I wan an another article regarding Ponting and his cricket, Hussey and his cricket and also the chances of India getting whitewashed. My point is if India cannot manage to survive in batting paradise, what will they do in bouncy track of Perth, WACA?? My prediction after seeing their poor performance India will be WW..


  2. People nowadays think whitewash are very easy. It not need India to play bad but also Australia to play very well.

    I still have hope India won't lose this series.