Friday, December 16, 2011

Numbers Speak-Ranji Trophy 2011

314,267,251,243……These are some of the top scores by batsmen this season in Ranji Trophy thus far and we are not even in the knockout phase of the tournament yet.Runs have been flowing with plenty of huge scores.So what is the main reason for this and how are the numbers different from the previous years?Though this season is far from over,let’s compare the runs scored and wickets taken this season with the last few years and how they differ.

The general feeling is that the pitches have become flatter this season and the boundaries have become smaller,leading to batsmen occupying the crease for a longer length of time and bowlers made to toil under the hot sun.Let’s start off by comparing the last season of Ranji Cricket with this year’s tournament.Rajasthan’s journey of winning the Ranji Trophy for the first time after finishing at the bottom of  the table the previous year was something extraordinary.Let’s have a closer look at some of the big scores last year.

During the 2010-11 season,there were only three individual scores past 200 with the highest being Laxmi Ratan Shukla’s 250.Rohit Sharma and Ambati Rayudu scored exactly 200 when their  teams decided to declare,so that would make it 5 scores of 200 or more last season.This season,we have already seen  14 Double-Centuries with the highest being Ravindra Jadeja’s 314 at Cuttack.

Year               No.of 200 plus scores            Highest score
2011-12            14                                   314-Ravindra Jadeja
2010-11            5                                     250-Laxmi Ratan Shukla
2009-10            7                                     309*-Rohit Sharma
2008-09            13                                   302*-Cheteshwar Pujara
2007-08            5                                     230-Murali Vijay

The 2008-09 season saw 13 scores of 200 or more and it also included three Triple Centuries.This year,we have already seen 13 Double Hundreds and 1 Triple Century.Most of the hundreds have also come at a quicker rate this season compared to the last few seasons.

Taduri Sudhindra of Madhya Pradesh has already taken 32 wickets in 10 inns this season and those have come at a strike rate of 36.There have been 4 Ten wicket hauls in a match so far and Ashok Dinda’s 12-142 is the best in a match this season so far.Sudhindra has picked up 9 wickets in a match twice.

Year      No.of 10 wicket hauls   Best figures
2011-12        4                            Ashok Dinda-12/142
2010-11        5                            Ravi Ashwin-11/181
2009-10        6                            Vinay Kumar-11/102
2008-09        6                            Monish Parmar-12/104

Bhargav Bhatt,the leading wicket taker last year with 47 scalps isn’t out of reach for Sudhindra if he continues his good work in the remaining matches.

Big Double-Centuries have led to big totals this year,but that’s not something new.Last season saw  twelve  500 plus totals and the seasons before too saw 500 plus totals in the range of 15 and 16.There have already been sixteen 500 plus totals this season with plenty of matches still remaining before the Ranji season comes to an end.

Year            No.of 500 plus totals       Highest Total
2011-12     19                                   698-8- Tamil Nadu
2010-11     12                                   621-8-Mumbai
2009-10     16                                   785-Tamil Nadu
2008-09     15                                   688-Delhi
2007-08     6                                     583-5 Baroda

This year has seen more 500 plus totals than any of the last five years and with still one round of the league phase and the knockouts to go,we may be looking at twenty-five  500 plus scores this season alone,which would be twice as much as last season.Clearly,the batsmen have enjoyed spending time at the crease and scoring some big runs this season.

Though the scores this season have been bigger than some of the previous years,the number of outright wins,which is what a lot of people are talking about these days hasn’t changed significantly.

Year                 No.of outright wins
2011-12          14
2010-11           17
2009-10           19
2008-09           26

There have been 14 outright wins this season and there’s every chance that we might see more wins,again indicating that this season is almost similar to the past few seasons.Even though there has been a lot of talk about the pitches being used for the Ranji matches,this season hasn’t been very different from the last few seasons-at least numbers wise.


  1. Nice Article Arjun!

    Flatter tracks is responsible for India's poor show at some Overseas Country! 13 Double and 1 Triple Century!! Whoa..

    I Have always admired you of your Cricket Knowledge, But this is insane that you keep track of almost Every Cricket Game(At least in India).

    Do you Follow Street Cricket too? :P

    Expecting more posts like this Bro!

  2. *are Grammar Typo! :D

  3. Good set of stats. Many times the present seems to overwhelm the past and we end up saying this year it is best/worst/hottest/coldest/etc. As such your stats provide a more meaningful basis for conclusions.

    Smaller grounds leading to more boundary hits can easily be solved, if we set our mind to it. True in some grounds the boundary cannot be lengthened beyond say 60 yards. In which case let us reduce runs credited for boundary hits top say 3 instead of 4 and the overhead hit may 4 or 5 instead of 6. Such rule changes will bring more reality in play!

  4. Dear Arjun
    Really wonderful analysis with lot of statistics. worthy article. Keep it up and expecting more from you.
    Sundara Pandian