Saturday, December 31, 2011

My A-Z of 2011 By Mr Pakistan

A is for Akhtar. I saw his last ever game for Pakistan in Sri Lanka. It can also be for Afridi with whom I had my photo  taken or Accra, the beach we spent our time on, and Abid who helped at the melas.AZ who made a smiley for me and Aman also get a mention. along with Afeefa and Ahsan
B is for Barbados.  The beautiful island with its wonderful people. like Ravee at Hippo's bar. A return visit is a must.
C is for Colombo.  The city in which I witnessed Australia's downfall in the WC, and Castries in St Lucia
D is for Diving.  Scuba diving to be exact, in Barbados Blue with G our instructor. Danish N  gets a mention.
E is for Edgbaston.  My local ground and where I saw Razzaq play this year for Leicestershire.
is for Flagsuit. The sherwani that I wear and is loved by so many people, and Facepaint, which not many people have seen me without, and Flights, seven in total this year, even though  I hate flying.
is for Gary. Sir Garfield Sobers to be exact, I was introduced to him whilst visiting Barbados. Living legend.
H is for Hat. It has to be. My hat gets me noticed. Habib and Honey get special mentions as without these guys my holidays may not have taken place .Huda gets a mention
 is for Imran Khan.  Fulfilled a lifelong dream to meet the hero I watched as a boy, finally achieved this year. Imran Asghar gets a mention.
J is for Janaki. The hotel we stayed at in Colombo and we had so many laughs with Ahmer and Sajid
K is for Kandy.A must visit place and our base last March. Also for KheloPakistan, a sports website just recently established .It is also for 'Knock you out' a phrase my friend always says to me.
is for Launch. I attended Imran Khans book launch and a got a personal autograph in his new book 'Pakistan'
M is for Mr Pakistan.  No comment needed. It is also for Melas, at which I raised so much money for IKCA.  Maha gets a mention
is for National Anthem. We sang with passion at the start of the WC  games in SL
O is for Ocean Spray, the apartments we stayed at in Barbados, 10 yards from the sea.
is for Pakistan, the beautiful country that we all adore, Pakman, the next Superhero you will all soon get to know, Pakpassion, the site that gave me so much love and also the Players, some of whom are beginning to recognise me.
is for Quarter-final.  Against West Indies. One way traffic.
R is for Rehman. The player who knows me the most and who had his haircut in our hotel room with Sajid the team stylist.
is for Sri Lanka and St Lucia. Two holidays of a lifetime in two months. Special mention for Sunnyand Sofia and  also for Shizza and Shahed L (from the states)all helped make my year great, andSaj for the dinner
T is for Thank-you. To Allah SWT, to my family, my friends and all the fans that showed me some appreciation this year. Tabrez gets a mention. Tim, the greatest writer I know and also Teenduwho at the time of writing was still stuck on 99 centuries.
is for Umbrella. I had it all through 2010 and in the WC but then it got confiscated. I used it as a flagstick to wave my flag because poles were not allowed in most grounds. Umran for making my SL trip more memorable, Umer Rj gets a mention.
is for Volcano. We visited in St Lucia and also has a sulphur bath. Phew smelly.
is for Whistler. One man entertainer at the matches and awesome collector at the melas
is for X-factor. Afridi coming out of retirement has certainly bought the x-factor back to cricket
Y is for Yorker. The best single delivery of the year was Wahab to Yuvraj in the WC. Unforgettable.
Z is for Zakir.  a.k.a. Fooperman. Like a brother to me, laugh a minute, friend for life. Zain gets a mention.
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, may Allah SWT keep you all blessed and healthy, may he ease the suffering of all those in need at the the moment and bring peace to those at war, may he bring more success for our boys in green and keep our team away from evil doers. I hope your 2011 was as good as mine and I hope your 2012 is better. Take care Allah hafiz
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