Friday, December 30, 2011

Kepler! Poonam Pandey Part 2 ?

Kepler Christoffel Wessels has been making some interesting statements throughout last few weeks. The most controversial one of all, was his comparison between Sri Lanka and South Africa A side. Former South African captain came up with a shocking statement,

We could beat them with our SA ‘A’ side" said Kepler.

As he predicted South Africa produced some brilliant performances in the 1st test to take the lead 1-0 but, the man would have shocked when the side that he expected to beat with South Africa A, beat South Africa.

According to Kepler Sri Lanka have only 2 batsmen.

They have two batsmen, Mahela (Jayawardene) and Kumar (Sangakkara).” He said.

When Sri Lanka posted a score of 338 for the 1st innings in the 2nd test at Durban, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene scored only 00 and 31 respectively.

Many commentators had said before the start of Cricket World Cup 2011 that Sri Lanka and India were favourites to win the tournament considering the given venues and the good form of two teams at that point of time.

However, Indian model Poonam Pandey had different ideas. She said she will get naked in front of thousands, if India beat Pakistan in the semi final and then lift the world cup. Eventually India went on to clinch the world cup.

Now that is stupidity!

Poonam said that it was a way that she could show her support to her team.
But it’s very clear that she ran behind the publicity. Mr.Kepler is a very famous person now, especially in Sri Lanka. So in that case he is successful.

This win left some memories for the fans to remember.

1. It was the first test win for Sri Lanka in South Africa.
2. It was the first test win under Dilshan’s captaincy for Sri Lanka.

And was it the first test match that proved the fact, Kepler has matched Poonam when it comes to predicting?

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  1. Cricket is one subject you could not make predictions.