Monday, December 5, 2011

India play Safe In Picking Abhimanyu Mithun over Irfan Pathan

The Indian fairytale of the beloved Irfan Pathan's returning to the Indian Team, sadly, had a big bad wolf appear in it. In the form of Head of Selectors Kris Srikkanth, who ignored the man the Indian masses wanted, and instead read out the name of Abhimanyu Mithun.

Making you firmly believe, that the English humiliation facilitated by India carrying players with injuries, and returning from injury has left a huge mark on their future selections.

You can understand the wisdom too, for with Zaheer Khan already in the squad returning from injury, the inclusion of Irfan Pathan, after 3 Ranji matches would have represented a huge risk that they were unwilling to take. Much to the chagrin of the fans, who witnessed these matches in which he had dominated in, and so brought into his renaissance.

Ultimately, the fragility of his body shown in a glut of injuries, and a return recently from a career threatening ailment meant the Selectors have recognised him by including him in the team for the last two ODI matches against the West Indies Though were not confident enough to take a further leap of faith by investing full trust in him for an arduous Australia 4 Test series.

The fans will contest this, over the potential threat he could have represented in Australia in a series that India has a chance to win. In the memory of his previous exploits there, where he represented nightmares for all the Aussie batsmen. Though that was the past, when Irfan was a rising buck with a pristine body free of the legacy of injury, that allowed him to bowl long sustained spells of high calibre swing coupled with menacing pace. In his return, and recent successes, his swing has been there, but his pace has been mentioned at going through at around 125 kms.

Justifying the Selectors overlooking him until he does show a return to his fiery past

As for the man who did get the nod in Abhimanyu Mithun. Well he is like the kid in school that every knows is there, but rarely sees. Due to the fact that he is a solid and consistent performer, but rarely does anything to compel you to flurry through UTubue to bask in his inspirational highlights.

Solid, consistent, big hearted, and many more qualities that foster respect, but lacking that further ingredient to threaten or give faith that he is going to run through any batting line up.

A quality that Irfan Pathan possessed in abundance, but in the end the Selectors saw the wisdom in the solid of Mithun, rather than the potential spectacular of Irfan.

Ultimately, time will judge the wisdom of their selection.....


  1. horrible decision.south srikant shows india his power..totally rubbish decision.

  2. Totally horrible and shamefull decision...:(i can see a batsman from south replacing shewag and gambhir for Austrlia tour..totally blind peoples.i knew they did not even ask Dhoni for sure.Only thing they wants to go there and get hammered like England and return empty handed...Totally rubbish decision by southeeeeeeeee Kris Srikanth...Favoritisim for how many days???After Austrila tour he is planning to resign it seams...its not talent on which basis mithun is selected..

  3. this is not abt south or north ...but abt India at stop creating rift among Indians u narrow minded guy....Based on some not so competitive domestic record against not so good sides doesnt mean he will succeed in australia..just see which team did he face in this ranji season.....u will understand d reason behind the selection....

  4. Dear Anonymous ... if u are Saying Baroda played against weeaker team this season then hats off to you ... well not going in that direction back to point ..

    The Reason we want Irfan Pathan coz he is Genuine Medium Pace bowler whose strength is quality swing & Length which is effective in every ground of world be it Grassy wicket , dusty or Wet pitches ....