Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Should India Select Irfan Pathan To Replace Praveen Kumar For Australia?

The loss of Praveen Kumar for the Test series in Australia due to injury has the name of Irfan Pathan on the lips of all Indian fans.....

The calls need to be give credence too with the skilled left arm swing bowler dominating in his return from injury. The reports on him are the swing is back as well as the pace, and his figures do not lie in showing his effectiveness for Baroda

Baroda v Dehli: 17 overs, 5/82 in the 1st innings

Baroda vs Haryana: Match figures: 37 overs - 6/92

Baroda versus M.Pradesh: Match figures: 38 overs- 8/77

Impressive, but what is the case for, and against the selection of Irfan Pathan. Let us delve into that

Case For:

The main one is that he is the best performed bowler in the Ranji this season having performed on a wide range of conditions, and different pitches. Many have commented that his pace and swing have returned. Which makes him the lethal bowler, that he showed he could be before sadly injury sullied his burgeoning career

In looking at a ideal replacement for a swing bowler Praveen Kumar, he would also be a perfect fit. In being just as effective a swing bowler, and also offering India a player that is more than able with the bat. As him often being referred to as an all rounder shows. He has experience in Australian conditions, and also had success in the conditions. That were achieved in his initial youthful days with him being a more rounded bowler now. Through the adding of wisdom, and the strength fostered through having to overcome many set backs

When thinking of the case to include him, let me leave you with this video to indicate my bias for him, and yes, it is the immortal Adam Gilchrist who he is making look silly! 
Case Against:

It is not hard to buy into the romance of selecting Irfan, and indeed supporting it through his recent performances. Though after the humiliating Tour of England for India, I think that the Selectors will be very cold and calculating in their selections due to the disaster caused through selecting a semi fit Zaheer Khan.

The same Zaheer Khan has been selected in this Touring party on the proviso of proving his fitness prior to the Tour. So keeping this in mind, you can see that the Selectors might have a once bitten, twice shy approach in regards to including Irfan. Due to the fact that in an arduous Tour of Australia, which India has a very good chance of winning. 

It is already a huge risk including a bowler with a notoriously fragile body in Zaheer, but if you included a second with a similar track record in regards to injury in Irfan. 

Well lets just say, it would be similar to a boxer leading with his chin, rather than a left or right!


I would definitely pick him!

In the knowledge, that you need to also take into account what you would think your opposition would least like. In this regard, the Aussies wouldn't mind facing the likes of other potential call ups in Sreesanth, Vinay Kumar, R.P.Singh, Agbhimanyu Mithan or Dhawaj Kulkarni. Though, bring up the name of Irfan Pathan, and they would find this prospect less palatable.

Due to the fact, that when he gets it right, and his body is in good shape. He has the skill of a high grade strike bowler, that has the potential to devastate batting line ups

A definite risk, but with a huge pay out if it comes off!

This being said, I think they might sadly overlook Irfan Pathan, and include Vinay Kumar in the Squad to replace Praveen Kumar


  1. He Should Be selected yaar My Fav Player.........

  2. he is really a great LEFT-ARM swing bowler and with his flury of wickets on the dead pitches in the ongoing ranji season,his case has just got stronger..

  3. one of the talent and experience bowler in the indian team so he must to be select for the australian tour

  4. I too think Irfan should be picked.

  5. at the moment he is best Swing bowler in Ranji