Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ravichandran Ashwin- A 'Jumbo' of a discovery for India

Ashwin has gone from being one of those "promising" youngsters to a mythical figure, kept hidden from the public eye so that he can be unleashed on unsuspecting batsmen
 Truth has never been so perfectly embodied, than in this quote about the young Indian off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. I say this for in a Nation like India, that so props up ODI/T20 players as being Test calibre. Only for them to invariably to be found out, and laughed out of the purest form of the game.

Ashwin has very much been the reverse theme of this. As if a double bluff has been tried to hold firm in a game of Poker. This seen by the fact that everything about Ashwin in his career was about his labelling as solely a T20 bowler. Even to the point of being viewed as unsuited for ODI cricket, and if you even mentioned his name in a sentence with Test Cricket.

Well, laughter will logically follow this 'proposperous' notion.............

In watching his Test debut, you could label the reaction to him in a lot of manners, but laughter was not one of them. Or maybe, a little chuckle on his part with how ridiculously easy it was for him to take on the form of a hot knife through the butter like West Indian batting. In getting match figures of 9/128.

In truth the figures were irrelevant by the fact that any able bodied spinner would be able to run through this West Indies batting line up. That takes on the form of a host of Vampires near garlic in the face of any incarnate of a twirler.

It was more about Ashwin, the man and the competitor along with his skill, that made you certain that he is certain of a long and glorious career
"He is a guy who looks forward to challenges and someone who doesn't like to be in a comfort zone. Mentally he is pretty much up there."
Perfect description of him, as seen in his bulldog approach to his art. You can see why he has been so compared to a great great bowler of the past in Srinivas Venkataraghavan. For, like his Tamil Nadu fore father, he has that relentless approach to batsmen by morphing into a pugilist at the bowling crease with a never say die fight in him.

A comparison to perfectly describe his mind, and indeed very apt in describing his style as well. 

In watching him though, he made me drift a bit laterally in my thinking of him by me resembling him to the great leg spinner Anil Kumble.

Strange comparison, you would logically conclude in comparing a off spinner with a leg spinner. For, it is a bit like resembling apples and pears.

Through watch the sublime elegance of Ashwin, and you can not help but be reminded of the beloved man known as Jumbo.

Both bowlers a perfect mix of their strict adherence to the purist blue print of success in spin bowling. In terms of relentless accuracy coupled with iron man stamina, and a very heady mix of subtle variations in pace and deliveries.

Success isn't dependant on the spin they get, instead it is through their death through a thousand cuts attack on the batsmen.

Every ball landing on a perfect line and length with the batsmen always having to play, and never afforded a rest.

The sweat wiped off the batsmens brow by them getting used to the 'sameness' of the bowling. Only to feel like a cobra had just rose up out of the rushes and struck him a mortal blow.

When the lethal lethal carrom ball is introduced to them by Ashwin.........as was similar to when Kumble used to dismember batsmen in similar manners with his hand grenade of a flipper

Similarly off the field, both are Engineers, and I am sure like the great Anil Kumble- Ravichandran Ashwin will engineer the same devastation to the World's batsmen.


  1. Did one swallow ever made the summer? I am afraid we are rushing too early into conclusions about Ashwin.
    As you pointed out, till the other day many sceptics believed Ashwin is not Test material and with just one Test done he is being hailed as a great find. I wd rather watch him all thru this series and Down Under (if he plays there) before making any assessment of his Test calibre.

  2. True on that point, but there is something about him that makes you believe he will be a good test bowler. Its just something about him- that inner strength and determination- very like Kumble

  3. he is future best off spinner
    better than mendis..swann n ajmal