Sunday, November 13, 2011

Preview, 2nd Test, India versus West Indies, Kolkata

This 1st Test epitomised everything that is admirable and ridiculed about the West Indies. The former in honour of their very decent and big hearted bowling attack, and sadly the latter about their hopelessly inadequate batting, that so undermines anything achieved by the bowling. The Indians eventually went to school on this by victimising the fragile batting with its true nemesis in spin, and then dotting all the i's and crossing the t's when they batted. To effectively neutralise the Windies bowling threat, and duly cruising to an easy win

It is hard to see anything but an improved Indian performance here, and a comprehensive win with it.


Likely Team

The Team is more than likely going to be the same as the one from Dehli. The only sticking point is Yuvraj Singh's place in the line up from a future sense. I say this for you can see him playing a dominant innings on a flat pitch here that will be facilitated by a demoralised Windies attack. That will get him on the plane to Australia, where on pitches with a bit of bounce, he will be made to look like the impostor at this level that he is. 

Putting my Yuvraj vitriol aside, this will be the Team:

Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Ashwin, Ishant, Ohja, Yadav

The Keys to India winning this Test.

Where there is a gulf in the quality of respective Teams, like is so evident in this game, it pretty much becomes a game of patience. In regards to just waiting until the Windies fragility is exposed, and they duly gift India a decisive ascendency to win from.

Invariably all India has to do to ensure a win is support the quality in their ranks. Especially in their batting department by adhering to the basics. For the West Indies bowling line up has a threat, but the Indian batting has the mastery to extinguish any of its potential fire.

Then just throw the ball to the spinners when they have to bowl, and it is a near certainty that the embarrassingly inadequate West Indian batting against spin will facilitate it's demise.

Will Sachin Tendulkar score his 100th Hundred here

I have very little interest in individual accolades in what is a Team game, and are only writing about this because of the sad lack of interest in the Test. Due to it being a predictable match facilitated by the West Indies hopeless inadequacies against any type of spinner.

Which sadly means that a decent crowd might only turn up in the hope of seeing a historic Tendulkar ton

I have a feeling we might see that leading up to lunch on day two, and if we do.

Well done Sachin Tendulkar on a truly remarkable achievement!

West Indies

Likely Team

There is talk of playing two spinners in this game, but i think this would be a mistake against an Indian batting line up that mauls any type of spinner. I would love to see Kemar Roach come in to replace Ravi Rampaul. Combining a very quick opening combination of Edwards and Roach that might make a few Indian's jump, and remember their English batting misadventures.

It is likely Adrian Barath will replace Kieron Powell at the top of the order, but it is like a swap of a flashy technically deficient player with another. When the Team needs a player of real surety in the traditions of batting.

This will be the Team

Barath, Braithwaithe, Edwards, Bravo, Chanderpaul, Samuels, Baugh, Sammy, Edwards, Roach, Bishoo.

The Keys for the West Indies to win this Test.

Call me Doubting Thomas, but I cannot see a way of the West Indies winning here.

Though when I made a similar statement of doubt against them in the 2nd Test against Bangladesh. This must have fired them up, for they duly left me with egg on my face with a ridiculously easy win. That was facilitated by a very assured and refined batting effort that left me gobsmacked

Though this is India, a Team that is light years ahead of Bangladesh.

So unless the batting line up experienced diving intervention as they slept last night in terms of a semblance of clue in playing spin. They have little hope.

The only snow balls chance in Hell is if their bowling truly rips the Indian batting line up to shreds, but the likelihood of that happening is less than zero.

About as much chance of Katrina Kaif offering to go on a date with me!

Then even if the bowling did dominate the Indian batting, can you see the West Indies batting contributing anything resembling adequate against a host of spinners.

I certainly cannot!


A ridiculously easy Indian win.

More than likely by an innings if they bat first, and with it a Sachin Tendulkar 100th century to send the fine Nation of India into hysterical celebration

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