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Player Ratings- India versus West Indies Test Series

It was as if Ravichandran Ashwin was sleep walking with how dozey his running was, and duly a certain two was sullied by a single. Swapping a certain Indian victory with a draw and a 3 nil Series clean sweep ending in a 2 nil victory to the hosts.

I am sure the Indian brains trust aren't losing too much sleep in the farce, that deprived them of victory. In the knowledge of everyone only thought a draw was possible at stumps on day 4, and for the Team to even get in a position to win was due to some excellent play, that has symbolised a very polished Indian display all series long. Sadly for the West Indies, they were hoplessly outclassed for most of the series, and some of their batting would have embarrassed a schoolgirls side. Let alone an International Test Team.

So lets look at the performances of the individual players from both Team

India (13 players used)

Virender Sehwag: (3 Tests, 245 runs, average 49.00, 0 hundreds and 3 50's)

Viru is Viru, and you would travel a long way to indulge in his mastery of destruction. In this series he threatened to explode, and rack up a typical run a ball 200, but teased for the most part by getting out between 50-100 on 3 occasions. Which is very strange for a batsman that has an exceptional conversion rate between 50's and 100's. Maybe he will ensure this is a once off and make the Australian bowlers pay in the upcoming series down under.

Rating- 6/10- Didn't have his usual impact on the Tests he played in

Gautam Gambhir  (3 Tests, 195 runs, average 39.00, no 100's and 2 50's)

Like his opening partner, Gambhir wasn't the gluttonous run machine that he usually is. Only getting past 50 twice, and averaging well under his career mark against what was a rather pedestrian West Indies attack. Like Sehwag, lets hope he finds some for in Australia

Rating- 4/10- Below par performance for an excellent batsman like Gambhir

Rahul Dravid (3 Tests, 319 runs, average 63.80, 1 century and 2 50's)

The renaissance of Rahul Dravid career over this year has been truly remarkable. From having retirement calls ringing in his ears after a less than stellar South African Tour to start the year to being in the conversation of the best performed batsman in 2011. In this series, he was no different with his Fort Knox like technique and Zen like temperament raking up a very impressive series display

Rating- 8/10- Great performance by 'The Wall'

Sachin Tendulkar (3 Tests, 218 runs, average 43.80, 0 century and 2 50's)

The Little Master has had a rather troublesome 2011 with him only averaging 37.76 in his last 13 innings. Then worse, for all his fanatical fans, no 100th International century to bask in- how a few Sachinist must be having restless nights in this horrible reality! In this series, he looked to be in touch, but just found ways to get out when everyone thought he would plunder the bowling. I am sure a few Australian bowlers would be dreading him remedying this in the 4 Test series against them with a mountain of runs

Rating- 5/10- For a player viewed as highly as Tendulkar, the series was average

VVS Laxman (3 Tests, 298 runs, average 99.33, 1 century and 1 50)

The 'Very Very Special' Laxman had his series average inflated by a mastery innings of 176*, and 58* in the 1st Test. So that needs to be taken into account when assessing his series play. Though he lead the Team to victory in the 1st Test and set up victory in the 2nd.

Rating- 8/10- Typical masterful Laxman

Virat Kohli (1 Tests, 115 runs, average 57.50, 1 50)

Looked very composed in his 1 Test, but greater truth about Kohli's Test calibre will be seen in Australia on more challenging pitches, and against a better attack.

Rating- 7/10- Played well in his two innings

Yuvraj Singh (2 Tests, 66 runs, average 22.0)

In no way Test class, and India should never pick him for the Test Team again....

Away from this, it seems the young man has had an issue with his health, so lets us all pray for him returning to full fitness

Rating- 3/10- Not Test Class

M.S.Dhoni (3 Tests, 165 runs, average 41.25, 1 century)

Dhoni is always an imposing figure in home conditions, as we saw with his brutal 2nd Test 144. His keeping was assured, and Captaincy was made to look masterful by some dreaful West Indies play

Rating- 7/10- Good display, but a few cheap dismissals while batting brought his rating down

Ravichandran Ashwin (3 Tests, 22 wickets, average 22.90, 2 5 wicket hauls)

Excellent all round display, that justifiably let the Tamil Nadu off spinner to be given the player of the series award. His bowling was supelative, and then he hits a century in the 3rd Test!

Rating- 11/10- Love the guy!

Pragyan Ohja (3 Tests, 20 wickets, average 22.50, 2 5 wicket hauls)

An old sparring mate from one of the many cricket forums I haunt on the web talked up this left arm spinner big before his Indian debut. Then after watching him in this series, I must admit that guy was a genius. He morphed into a Bishen Bedi type traditional spinner, that gave all the West Indian batsman cold sweats

Rating- 11/10- Like Ashwin was masterful, and commandeered the remarkable 3rd Test finale

Umesh Yadav (2 Tests, 9 wickets, average 21.22, )

Excellent display by the young quick, who showed real skill to swing the ball with real pace. Ill wait with baited breath to see how he goes in Australia in conditions, that should be like a bed for him to lie in

Rating- 10/10- Great display!

Varun Aaron ( 1 Test, 3 wickets, average 43.00)

The figures bely this big quicks impressive debut. For he bowled on a thankless road pitch in his only Test, but still ran in and put the ball in the right place. I think he could be a real threat in Australia

Rating- 8/10- A real find for India!

Ishant Sharma ( 3 Tests, 5 wickets, average 67.40)

Always threatens to be a leader of the Indian attack, but more often than not is exposed as a tease for the fans. This series was no different with a few good spells surrounded by a lot of mediocrity

Rating- 2/10- Patience is running low on Ishant, and it will be interested if he is selected in the 1st Test Team to face Australia

West Indies

Adrian Barath ( 2 Tests, 128 runs, average 32, 2 50's)

Talented player, who gets good starts to innings, but then throws away too many potential big knocks with some very loose stroke play. The lad is only young, but to be a long term Test batsman, he needs to tighten his technique, and improve his choice of strokes

Rating- 5- Pass mark, but could have been so much of a greater factor on the series

Kriagg Braithwaithe (3 Tests, 194 runs, average 32.33, 2 50's)

At only 18, this young opening batsman showed he has all the ingredients to be a long term Test player. He has a brilliant temperament and a technique that will develop into full proof. The only criticism is he needs to either add to his range of strokes or be more proactive in rotating the strike with singles

Rating- 7/10- Great future

Kirk Edwards (3 Tests, 227 runs, average 37.83, 2 50's)

Didn't fully capitalise on his fine play by turning his 2 50's into centuries, but still showed he has the temperament to succeed at Test level.

Rating- 6/10- Long term answer for the Windies at 3

Darren Bravo (3 Tests, 404 runs, average 67.33, 2 hundreds)

Looks like Brian Lara........bats like Brian Lara....and after his play in this series we are in the belief that he might replicate Lara's deeds

Rating- 10/10- One of the few West Indies batsmen, who gave the Indians headaches.

Shiv Chanderpaul ( 2 Tests, 216 runs, average 54.00, 1 century)

The old warhorse of West Indian cricket still has some life in him as shown in a typically classy century in the 1st Test

Rating- 8/10- Crucial batsman in this fragile batting line up

Marlon Samuels (3 Tests, 185 runs, average 30.83, 2 50's)

As always with Samuels, threatened to have a real impact, but then got out when a big score was at his mercy. He is a tough player to figure, for there is no doubt he has supreme talent, but seems to have inexplicable mental lapses that bring him undone

Rating- 5/10- Should have done better

Kieron Powell (2 Tests, 106 runs, average 26.50, 1 50)

Scored a fluent 81 on a road of a pitch in the 3rd Test, but struggled mightily in his other innings. Looking a dead man walking against spin, and with a T20 temperament in the Test arena. Which is never a recipe for success!

Rating- 4/10- He is still young, but not Test class

Carlton Baugh (3 Tests, 55 runs, average 9.16)

Exceptional as a gloveman, but diabolically bad with the bat. Which in this batting fragile Team meant he was a catalyst for some calamitous collapses

Rating- 3/10- His glovework was incredible, but his batting so undermined the Team

Darren Sammy (3 Tests, 9 wickets, average 34.77, 1 5 wicket haul)

The hordes of Sammy haters will focus on his average batting display or his Captaincy. Though in response why should a focus fall on a number 8 for their batting? Then as for his Captaincy, well with the average Team he has he has his hands tied in regards to what he can do. His bowling was big hearted and very heady, and always posed questions to the batsmen

Rating- 6/10- A very decent bowling display

Fidel Edwards (3 Tests, 5 wickets, average 66.6)

Is Edwards fast?- Yes

Is Edwards threatening?- Yes

Could Edwards, if his life depended on it, land 5 balls on the same spot within a 3 inch radius- Very doubtful!

Erratic as always, and killed the team in the 2nd Test with a glut of no balls, that would have seen Dhoni dismissed cheaply, rather than plundering a century

Rating- 2/10- All hype, and little substance

Ravi Rampaul (2 Tests, 8 wickets, average 28.62)

One of the most improved players on the World scene is this big hearted quick. Had an excellent series, and threatened all the Indian batsmen

Rating- 9/10- Announcing himself as the leader of the Windies attack

Devendra Bishoo (3 Tests, 7 wicket, average 62.28)

Never easy for any spinner to bowl against the masters of playing spin in their home conditions. Duly Bishoo struggled for most of the series. Though the lessons he would have learnt will serve his career well.

Rating- 5/10- Generous in the marking, for bowling spin to the Indians is a tough as trying to sell ice to the eskimos

Kemar Roach (1 Test, 2 wickets, average 53)

A player that looked to have a real bright future, but has really frustrated since the initial bright spots of his career.

Rating- 3/10- Very disappointing

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  1. Spot On assessment Tim.. nice article..

    but i have some corrections here..

    1. Few Sachinists.. well there are more than a few.
    2. Kohli 2 50's.. u wrote one.. correction.
    3. Marlon Samuels - u should have taken his bowling into consideration too.. he bowled consistently as the 2nd spinner and bowled with heart.
    4. Bishoo should have got better ratings from you. he troubled the batsman a lot more than ur rating suggests.
    5. and Finally SAMMY for a cricket lover like me.. he won Hearts in India.. and should get an 8 or 9.. for me without him this WI team wont have fought.. he looked the only player who wanted to leave the series with their head high and make Indians work for their win..
    SAMMY earned a lot of respect inspite of his playing limitations