Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Missed Opportunity For Pakistan..

If you were to look at Pakistan in all forms of the game, you would come to the conclusion that your are viewing two sides of a two headed coin with the figure head predominating for different reasons..

Misbah Ul Haq, the man who polarises approval or equally disapproval from the fans is of course that main feature for Pakistan.. In the respect, that in the Test arena he has been the man that has not only restored the Teams shattered image, but has the likes of England at the top of the game looking over their shoulder feeling a little worried by the burgeoning potential in the Team. Not since the days of the iconic Imran Khan has Pakistan been such a cohesive unit, and to even be mentioned in a sentence with that immortal figure. Tells the true tale of Misbah's immense calibre

For all the balance and functionality he fosters for the team in the Test arena, the same cannot be said for him in the shorter forms of the game. He is still the same statesman type leader, but his tactical know how and man management are respected but not as coveted as his play.

In this regard, he is a major cause of the unbalancing of the Team due to the fact that in this modern age success is seen in a Teams middle order being players more renowned for explosiveness than Misbah's resoluteness. Misbah used to have that explosive edge, but in the recent past he has forsaken that for a more traditional batting style. 

Duly allowing him to excel in the Test arena, but confound in the shorter forms of the game

It made you wonder when the Pakistani Squads were named for what should be a reasonably comfortable tour for the Team in Bangladesh. Why a more proactive look to the Teams future wasn't adhered too.

In regards to tapping Misbah on the shoulder, and telling him to forget ODI/T20 cricket, and concentrate on the Test arena. Which would benefit the Team in all forms of the game.

From the respect that in the Test arena, it would allow greater longevity for Misbah to continue with the profound effect he is having on the Teams performance, but also to help nurture his successor. More than likely Azhar Ali

Then in the ODI/T20 arena, the Team would have a greater threat with a more suited explosive player in the line up at number 4. As well as giving an excellent cricket mind in Mohammad Harfeez a chance to lead the side in the shorter forms of the game. Even if he proved himself to be a dedicated part of the Team, you could reward Shahid Afridi with the Captaincy in the T20 arena

A situation that would have been a sincere win win for the future prospects of Pakistan in all forms of the game

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