Friday, November 25, 2011

For Test Crickets Future, Sanction This Mumbai Pitch- ICC!

I am sure before I even pen a word of my vitriol against the disgrace of a 'Test' pitch in Mumbai. That I am going to have Indian's jumping up and down like a children bouncing on a trampoline claiming victimisation against their fine name

My bhai's/behan's put away your box of matches before lighting up effigies representing I......

For, this is a vendetta against all pitches, that are so in contradiction to what Test Cricket should be with this Mumbai pitch highlighting the shame. To name a few, the Lords pitch in the Sri Lankan Test and the Brisbane pitch of the Ashes last year were just as substandard, and needing of sanction.

The shame rests solely at the feet of the International Cricket Council!

In the knowledge that Test Cricket is about the the cream of the crop rising, and the game highlighting the supreme skill needed to excel in the game against it's bevy of challenges. The most exalted of these being the respect players have to give to the life and charismatic nature of the pitch. Which in two innings of batting could swing and seam in the first and then reincarnate with a presence of wear that supports spin and the threat of up and down bounce.

The ICC seems to be oblivious to this as seen by the labelling of the Galle pitch in the recent Sri Lanka versus Australia Test as 'poor'. A pitch that it must be said highlighted what Test Cricket is about with great players excelling, and the impostors at the level being found out.

Proving a game of compelling theatre as well with the masses tuning in to immerse in the highest form of the game

The sanctioning of that pitch, and the near certainty that this Pitch will pass into the history books without a word being uttered from Sharad Pawar and Co in their ivory castles. Seems to indicate that they have the collective credibility of Politicians kissing babies at Election time when they say they care about the Test Cricket.

For they are so oblivious to what is the key marketing aspect of Test Cricket in the pitch....

In allowing pitches like this Mumbai pitch to shame the traditions of the game it just diminishes the true essence of its appeal. In allowing the game to be standardised, so as lesser players who would be akin to snow men in the Death Valley sun being able to not only exist, but more disturbingly thrive.

You saw this in the West Indies batting line up thriving on this pitch in putting up 590 in its first innings. A batting line up with a top 7 average of 31.51 since 2010, and a high score of 383 against the bowling might of Bangladesh.

Dessy Haynes is certainly making an impact as their batting Coach- isn't he???????

Well he would like to take that credit, but I am sure he would even concede that it was more a case of the pitch eradicating any chance for the bowler from the game, and with it the games credibility.

Warranting heavy sanctions from the ICC, but I am sure will receive backslaps of approval for the game going 5 days, and the profit possible with it

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