Monday, November 21, 2011

The Analysis of the 2nd South Africa versus Australia Test

Ashes to Ashes...Dust to Dust....was what we thought after the 1st Test with Australia dead to rites, and South Africa primed to bury them.

The only talk we heard in regards to Australia was that Ponting should retire, Haddin is the reincarnation of Iron Gloves, and bats like Chris Martin, and Mitchell Johnson is about as useful as a waterproof tea bag.

How the former two left us with eggs on our faces with crucial contributions in a remarkable win, and as for Johnson...lets just say that his batting, and its compelling influence on the result saved him from being given an honorary South African cap

As the historians look back on this game, I am sure it will be used to highlight Pat Cummins first step on his way to impending greatness. Lets hope this doesn't serve as a jinx for the young lad, after me ordaining Mitchell Johnson as the new Alan Davidson a few years back!

My word I must have been drunk to say that!

Let us revert back to the present, and look at the two Teams

South Africa

The more you watch the South Africans, the more you think that they just lack something....

In terms of they have every part of a dominating cricket Team covered with a bowling attack of the highest calibre, a batting line up with perfect balance, and eclectic types of threat, and a fielding unit that is top shelf.

Though they just lack that relentlessness that marks greatness in how they take even a glimmer of a chance to bury Team. You saw this in various times in this series, and compellingly in this match. I do not want to be disrespectful to what was a very big hearted and refined performance by Australia, but South Africa were very lacking in my view.

Shown in the 1st innings with Australia on the rack with arguably their best bowler in Shane Watson out of the attack. Coasting at 241/5, only to loss 25/5 in some very bizarre fashions. Then getting back into the match with a very fine bowling display, and with real momentum. Against a Team, still trying to exert real belief in itself due to the youth in it, and the pressure on under performing veterans.

Only for a glimmer of a chance to be given to the Aussie with a batting display that lacked that relentlessness, that goes with a real killer instinct that marks greatness.

The final condemnation on South Africa was with the exceptional bowling unit they have, and with Australia needing to get 310 they were unable to win the match.

Ask yourself, if it was the current England Team or the great Aussies of a decade ago would an Aussie victory have even been a snowballs chance in Hell of happening?

Star Man

Vernon Philander

Great find by South Africa is this old style fast bowler, who just bowls line and length with every ball trying to hit off stump. Then with enough cut off the pitch to make him be a very fine Test bowler as his first two Test have been a indicator off.

Big Disappointment

Dale Steyn

People will be shocked by me picking Steyn, but allow me to explain.

The match was there to be won with South Africa being overwhelming favourite with Australia chasing 310 in the 4th innings, and Steyn got figures of 98/1

Nowhere near good enough for a bowler of his standing in the game


I was kicking the stuffing out of Australia after the 1st Test, and had them written off as no chance in this 2nd Test.

Though after their remarkable performance in this game. It seems that I wouldn't know if my bum was on fire when picking potential winners!

The ability to regroup and bounce back from the mauling and humiliation that was the Capetown game alone deserves the highest praise. They showed real ANZAC, never say die spirit, that gave you chicken skin.

On the field, the headlines will surround the remarkable debut of the fast bowler Pat Cummins, and duly so because the 18 year old lad not only lead the attack, but my word how impressive was he in getting match figures 117/7

Away from Cummins, it was the first sighter that Usman Khawaja could indeed be Test class, and also Nathan Lyon showed that he isn't too dusty in the spinners role. Making crucial contributions during the match

Arguably the highest praise is due to the fact that the win was recorded without Shane Watson's very refined bowling being available, and also Shaun Marsh's bat being on the sidelines.

Going forward, the Team still has question marks over players like Ricky Ponting and Brad Haddin. Then Mitchell Johnson needs to be told 'dont call us, we will call you' -for he needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Man

Pat Cummins

Is there even a question over this after the lad got 117/7 in his first Test?

Great display by him in all regards, and praise to the Aussie powers that be in having the cojones to select him.

Big Disappointment

Mitchell Johnson

My late Mother taught me that if I have nothing good to say, then don't say anything of all.......

So just assume I am saying harsh expletive full descriptions of the Forrest Gump of World cricket in 'Jono'

The Shame File

International Cricket Council

Having two Tests here in a year full of T20 after T20, and the meaningless ODI's after meaningless ODI's. Just shows without a shadow of a doubt, that if the ICC went to the toilet, their collective heads would cave in. Due to being so full of crap about their care of the long term health of Test Cricket. 

Stop counting the T20 riches in your ivory castles, and show the true fans some respect!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wish the series had been more than just 2 tests. It was an awesome one. Congratulations to Australia for that amazing victory.