Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why Can't Indian Cricket Embrace Swaraj?

It is rooted in the Indian psyche as having been ruled by the white race for over 190 years, we feel that a foreigner may be better than an Indian

Cynical view of the mindsets of a supremely proud race of people in India

A few morsels of truth are found when you look into what is tantamount to Religion in India in regards to cricket, and the views engrained in it

This seen in the 3 year tenure of South African Gary Kirsten as Indian Coach, that saw him lead India to the number 1 ranking in the Test arena, and his last day in the job saw India hoist the World Cup

In Indian eyes, Kirsten was the epitome of a genius, and verging on a deity for his remarkable deeds.

When you look at Kirsten's tenure through objective eyes you view him as a master of timing, that arrived on the Indian scene in the wake of the mess left by 'Guru Greg'. Though with arguably one of the strongest collection of Indian players that had been seen in the Nations history.

So you can indeed pay him the loftiest respect for his man management skills in getting the best out of his players. Though you can dull the view that Indians have of him by the fact that his success was born more out of the fortune of the players he had in his time in the job. Then outside factors, like the retirements of the men that made the great Australians mighty, that allowed  India's ascent to the summit of both games during his tenure.

Truthfully, all that was achieved in his reign could have been achieved by a host of the very astute cricketing minds that are in abundance in India. Taking it further, you could even go so far to say that an Indian in charge would have done a more complete job, and not left the role taking all the glory without ensuring the future health of the Team.

Even in the wake of India's England debacle, that was largely facilitated by the loss of India's lynchpin Zaheer Khan, this was Kirsten response

We always knew that we were bit short on the bowling side and that was something that we learnt to manage."

A question has to be asked that in his time in the job why did he merely choose to manage, rather than facilitating a remedy to the issue?

Could you imagine an Indian with a true understanding of the the way Indians tick, and the uniqueness of their ways would have allowed this to just be accepted as a reality to be managed. Rather than in a Nation of over a billion cricket crazy people being proactive in making change.

After Kirsten, that was what India needed in the respect of an Indian with an understanding of the cricketing landscape in the Country as well as the characteristics of the players. To act as a subtle sledge hammer in respect to engaging the players in his ways, but also pounding on the set up of Indian Cricket to make change to facilitate a bright Indian future

Instead by choosing to forsake their own by inserting Duncan Fletcher as Coach. They have put in a Kirsten clone, that was so perfect in the previous 3 years, but so set up for failure with how the Indian cricket landscape has changed

Seems like the BCCI never had the phone numbers of more suitable candidates like Ashok Mankad, Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble, Austin Coutinho and Robin Singh to name but a few of very fine Indian candidates for the job

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  1. this all is because what you stated above , the rule of british , the education policy of maculey which is still prevalent in india , doing all harm ,