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Solve The Problem, Not The Blame Bangladesh!!

Bangladesh Glory!
You see in our country everywhere we make someone scapegoat for any failure because we don't want to dig deep to find out the real problem and this is no exception (CricInfo)

Words that read like Gospel truth from Shakib al Hasan in the wake of his sacking as Bangladesh cricket Captain.

His axing along with his Deputy Tamim Iqbal was irrelevant, for the main consequence from the action of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) was to put the focus on the lack of support and structure in Bangladesh Cricket

Even how the sacking was conducted was testimony to this malaise, By the fact that it was widely reported that BCB president AHM Mustafa Kamal's had been driven by factions on the Board, who were opposed to both Shakib and Tamim in leadership roles. Then to culminate this was the fact that the decision was made without even other Board members being advised of the decision.

Very Pakistan like in its supreme farce isn't it?

Though the main difference is Bangladesh is a mere infant of only 14 years in the International arena. So can hardly deal with such incompetence, when they are trying to find their feet in the game on all levels

It is almost impossible to suggest how to improve the board. For like in Pakistan the Head of it is by appointment from the Government. So is always prone to being run by incompetent megalomaniacs and their host of cronies.

Their recent appointments of Stuart Law and Shane Jergensen are very promising for the improvement of the Team. Especially Jergensen, that has had a very revered reputation in working with the young New Zealand bowlers as part of New Zealand's high performance programme. In his role with Bangladesh, it is not as though he doesn't have talent to work with.

For in both Rubel Hossain, Shahadat Hossain and Shafiul Islam, the Tigers have three young quicks, that with the proper tuition could become very respected International bowlers

These appointments are promising, but are hopelessly inadequate in the number of support staff needed for a Team to be successful.

This by the fact that one of the major things that has plagued Bangladesh in all forms of the game has been the hari kari nature of their batting.

So with this in mind, why hasn't the Board appointed a batting Coach????

Who can deal with the talent that is evident in the batting side of the game for the Tigers, and duly turn potential into sustained performance

Then ask any fan of Bangladesh, what is one of their key strengths, and they will point to their glut of spin talent, but again the Board hasn't seen the need to appoint a spin Coach to work with the young spinners.

Away from the National Team, work needs to be done in the set up of the First Class competition in Bangladesh, and also the scheduling of Tours as part of development.

On this point, the International Cricket Council needs to step in and liaise with the BCB to issue in improvements. The main focus is the assessing of the First Class Competition, and a restructure to emphasise on the highest standard of competition, and duly talent developed through the standard of the play

In the country at present, the main First Class competition is the National Cricket League, that consists of 6 Teams in 
Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet. Also a ODI Competition in the Ispahani Mirzapore Tea One-Day League consisting of the same 6 afore mentioned Teams.

These competitions were set up only when Bangladesh received full ICC membership in 2000, so it seems they were hastily prepared in response to the National Team being given this recognition. So with this in mind, it needs to have ICC intervention to review how it is set up and runs with Bangladesh's future in mind. Then recommendations duly given to the BCB about its strengths and weaknesses for them to work on either honing or fixing

The next step needs to be the ICC being more forceful with other Nations to support Bangladesh through tours. The fact that India has quite literally treated Bangladesh as a leper of the Cricket community, that they want virtually nothing to do with in present and future Tours can't be tolerated by the games governing body.

Also the BCB needs to be more proactive in this regard. Even if it means playing against Nations A teams in 4 day games. It would be more beneficial to the Teams development, than not playing at all.

The path to credibility in the game will be slow, as it has been with all new Nations, but if they fix the issues that are so crucial in the support and structures of the Team.

Then, a time in the future, a real roar in the Bangladesh Tigers will be heard

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