Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cricket Marketing 101- Use The Name Of Sachin Tendulkar

Spanning over 20 years, no one has come close to polarising public opinion, like the Indian 'Little Master' Sachin Tendulkar

As if lending from the melodrama in Shakespeare, he has a legion of devout followers from the passionate lovers to the neutral admirers and then the irrational haters

In the financial sense, he is the epitome of perfection to all three, a quite literal embodiment of a true God sent. 

This, by the fact, that if you want to market something or sell something. Just use the name of Sachin and that is guaranteed money in the bank
Its the first thing I learnt as a Blogger, just write something about Tendulkar and you will have a readership.

If it's testimony about his greatness, you will attract his fanbois lauding you, the neutrals agreeing with you and the haters hating on you. Then if it is a critique, the same passion will exude, but in the opposite.

I know this for a fact, for still getting abusive mails, for doing the inconceivable in his fanbois eyes, and suggesting it might be time for him to retire...........

Away from the little fishbowl that is my Blog, the same mentality has been used by the marketers behind Shoaib Ahktar's Autobiography 'Controversially Yours'

This done when the launch of the book was put in the limelight when it was revealed that Shoaib Ahktar claimed that Sachin Tendulkar was scared when facing him......... Then supported in this claim by these words from Shahid Afridi

 "He (Tendulkar) was scared of Shoaib. I have seen it myself. I was fielding at square leg and saw his legs trembling when Shoaib came on to bowl."

In response of this, two emotions bubble to the surface. Firstly admiration for the marketing of the book, for on the back of these claims, it is guaranteed that it will be a best seller. Whether it is brought by the Sachin fans to use it as kindling for their fires or the haters, who need their irrational thoughts stroked a bit.

Then, the overwhelming response has to be ridicule. On one hand because the two people behind the claim in Shoaib Ahktar and Shahid Afridi have all the credibility of Politicians at Election time going around kissing babies.

On a more profound level, to label a batsmen with the respect and standing of Sachin Tendulkar of being scared is just laughable. Especially when his legend was forged on this performance as a 16 year old

 ' Against Younis, a legend was born.  Decked by a fastball to the face, Sachin picked himself up, dusted himself off, and went on to post 57 runs with blood streaming from his nose.' 

Maybe when Tendulkar clears the tears from his eyes due to laughing so hard at the claims. He should approach the publishers of the book and ask for some royalties for the huge role he had in its sales!


  1. Hahaha fantastic...I am not a Tendulkar fanboy...but loved it...well written, especially the last para

  2. thanks for your kind words my bhai, and congratulations on your fantastic Blog

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  4. One of your very best,Tim!
    Great job mate!