Saturday, October 15, 2011

Azhar Ali- The Steve Waugh Of Pakistan

When a young player comes on the scene for the first time, comparisons are logically made with players from the present or past. Merely as a means to measure their class and calibre

My first impression of the Pakistani young batsman Azhar Ali, that was backed up by the more I saw of him was of a real similarity with the great Aussie batsman and Captain Steve Waugh

Seems a bit far fetched this comparison?

Well just consider these points for a second to back my viewpoint.......

1, Steve Waugh joined the Australian Team in 1985 in a period, that was arguably the lowest point in Australia's proud cricketing history. Azhar Ali, like Waugh was included in the Pakistan Team last year in England during a real phase of chaos and great shame 

2, In personality, both are shy, reserved and unasumming types with a real steely determination to suceed

3, Both batsmen were seen as being really suspect against the short ball in the early stages of their careers

4, The most attractive shot of both batsmen was the back foot square drive. Look first at Azhar play it, and then Waugh, and bask in the similarity in style and class. 

5, The two took long periods to bring up their first Test century- Steve Waugh making his first century in his 42nd innings, while Azhar Ali is still seeking his first 25 innings in to his career. Waugh scoring 10 50's before his first century, and presently Azhar Ali has scored 9 50's

6, Both talked of as potential Captains of their respective Nations.

Even when you view a description of Azhar Ali's style of batting, the same description could be used to describe the great Aussie batsman.

A compact batsman with sound technique and enormous amounts of patience (Pakistan Cricket Players )

Then taking the comparison a bit further through a future view for Azhar Ali by using the example of Steve Waugh's career.

Like Waugh showed in his break out tour in England in 1989, where he truly destroyed the English bowling by averaging 126.50 with three centuries

I expect Azhar Ali to have the same break out series against Sri Lanka in the Desert starting next Tuesday.

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