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Pakistan- Time To Bring In Aqib Javed, And Kick Out Ijaz Butt! By Umer Rana

In cricket some things seem impregnable. As if law of change of Mother Nature does not apply to them. like; Proteases' choking, Indian fast bowling woes, Black caps’ underdog status, Tigers’ lack of improvement, Windies’ board-players disputes and Pakistan’s stable instability. Each every one of these in itself is some topic to debate and to write on, but will be concentrating on Pakistan.

Waqar has resigned as head coach, which prompted a new head coach search in Pakistan cricket. In my personal opinion it should be none other than former assistant coach Aqib Javed, ironically ,who was axed before ongoing Zimbabwe tour. Aqib might not be as talented as his fast bowling partners Wasim and Waqar in playing days. It was all that under the shadow of sun, other stars do not shine so brightly, but he himself was pretty skillful bowler both with old and new ball. Had he been in any other side in that time, he would have had a very successful international career.

What was a disadvantage in his playing days now is surely is a huge blessing for him as coach i.e. being not overly talented. He was not as gifted as his generation fast bowlers and he had to work extremely hard as compared to greatly gifted Wasim and Waqar, so he knows all that what a not overly talented player has to go through all. This is not only argument in his favor though. He is been working from last 11 years in the NCA and he knows all about the players. In fact he has seen them all grew up and becoming into stars under his eye. In all those years many impressive fast bowlers came through his hands. Today’s breed of fast bowlers is totally a product of Aqib. Transformation of average bowlers likes Rana Naveed and Roa Iftikihar into consistent international performer was due Aqib’s work on them. Gul’s reemergence was also greatly contributed by him. Asif and Amir completely grew under his shadow, as is the current breed of fast bowlers. He has been transforming the raw talents of fast bowling into completely finished articles quite efficiently. Gull’s use at death of T20 innings and Amir’s bouncing out Dilshan in 09 T20 final are two pieces of technical expertise of Aqib. 

More importantly Aqib has been with team for 4 years. He has been working very closely to team. Being not a huge name of past, he will work very well with the team as back room support for the captain. So, power and ego issues are likely less to occur was the case. As he is very neutral person himself. So with him being in camp player politics will be easy to deal with which in another important thing to look in Pakistan cricket unfortunately. Aqib surely will require a good batting coach to work him without it, Aqib can be in serious problem. Now surely team requires a competent batting coach to work, batting failures are very frequent now for quite some times. Aqib will be full time coach, even in off season he will be at NCA which will be very useful for players who will be working there to improve and be better cricketers.
Looks as if Pakistan cricket was hands in with disputes and scandals at time of birth that’s why both keep on having reunion in every changing phase of moon. One after the other, Pakistan cricket found itself in controversies that of every nature from ugly captaincy gaining politics to spot fixing scandals. Latest of these casualties was resignation of Waqar as head coach; apparently Waqar sighted person reasons for it but one can easily understand the reason from track record of Ijaz Butt and from fighting nature of Waqar, who never used to say never in his playing days no matter how intense were conditions but he never gave up. One after other captains, chief selectors and coaches have either resigned or sacked. This long list includes Malik, Abdul Qadir, Younis, Yousaf, Shahid, Iqbal Qasim and Intakhab Alam. 

Controversies always have been part of Pakistan cricket but after Ijaz Butt entry there rate increased million miles an hour. It should be said that appointment of Ijaz Butt was plantation of infected stem that grew at alarming rate to spread outbreak of all sorts of controversies from its branches. So, curing an infected branch will be temporary solution and after some time another branch like it will surely appear again, so solution for Pakistan cricket lies in the uprooting of that infected tree to eradicate the problems.

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