Friday, September 2, 2011

The Hypocrisy of the Indian 'Donkey' Outrage

I would say the difference between the two side is the fielding. England are an all-round good fielding side. I do believe that India have few...3 or 4 very good fielders and one or two donkeys in the field still,"

The words echoed by English ex Captain, and current commentator Nasser Hussain to describe India's rather abject fielding.

Which sent India into a frenzy of condemnation over the slight to their players by using the term 'Donkey'. A word often used in English language to describe insipid acts in any form of life. That in truth all English speaking people and even the more rationale Indian's took in the context it was meant to be.

Though sadly, the overly sensitive lead to comments like this

 "I feel he should not have said that. Nasser has been a captain. There are many ways of commenting but calling players 'donkeys' is unbecoming of a player of his stature. He should definitely tender an apology to the Indian team, especially the fielders."  (Mohammud Azharrudin)

It made me think, if we deem this as offensive, and duly apologise, and rake Hussain over the coals.

How then should a large part of humanity be expected to react to comments like these. That have been very prominent in all the same Indian Media outlets showing outrage over this. For a good 20 years?

"I will see God when I die but till then I will see Sachin"

"I used to be an atheist until I saw Sachin Tendulkar"

If an innocent referencing of a professional players act in the field resembling a 'donkey'. How then should the billions of Religious people in the World, and indeed the devoutly Religious people in India. Feel when Sachin Tendulkar, a great player no doubt is constantly called or referred to as 'God'

Definitely disrespected and angered I would venture to say. To the point, that they would demand that they are shown greater respect by the same Media outlets. Who are so jumping up and down now

To see the spread of this disrespect, type in 'Sachin Tendulkar is God'  on the Internet. You'll see  over 3 million references to it.

An irrational and offensive fanzine, that surely dictates greater attention, than an off the cuff 'donkey' reference. That in truth was backed up by fact!


  1. Trying to cover the ugly "donkey comment" made by a donkey.....well only a donkey can do that..:)

  2. Irish Man - Being called a donkey is not a done thing in South Asia. It is an insensitive remark by someone who should know better - an Indian-born English captain. Having another ex-captain, Vaughan, making light of this remark with his own only makes things worse. Sad to see such low digs. No need for them.

  3. @Anonymous. Having a Man compared to God is not a done thing in the Western world. It's an insensitive remark to religious people. But we don't complain about it the way the Indians do...

  4. @Ashley, actually, a large part of the Western world is atheist. Also, you're talking about Indian fans on one side, and on the other, you're talking about an individual ex-cricketer who is paid to be a commentator.

  5. @Anonymous. Actually a very small part of the western world are atheists. Less than 15% of the world population are atheists and most of them you will find in the eastern world. Yes Nasser is paid to be a commentator and thus he is paid to give his opinion and criticize players, if he wants to. I'm sure there's no clause in his contract that says he cannot criticize any players; whether his own or foreign. And let me just say; Nasser calling some of the players donkeys was a criticism and not an insult. There is a difference, you know...

  6. naseer hussain is so right the whole team is donkey including ravi shastri except dhoni !

  7. Agreed hundred percent. Well written and logical.
    Thank you for making it clear to those who are less familiar with English language. and I am not 'Anonymous' either.
    I am Taemoor Khan from Canada.

  8. Thank you for your kind words Taemoor, and patronage of my Blog

  9. Considering the abuse that Indian fans have been heaping on England and England fans from the start of the summer and all the way through, their hypocrisy is wondrous to behold, but it dovetails with their arrogance and sense of entitlement. Many of them have accused "f*king English Dogs" of corruption in the winning of both the Test Series and the ODI series. So their outrage at Hussain's comments are laughable.
    I used to have a lot of respect for India and the Indian cricket followers but this summer has seen that swept away to the point that I would rather not see them on English soil again.

  10. Interesting take on the "Donkey Saga".

    What can I say? Most Indians are as ignorant and thus insensitive to cultures of the west; as most Western cultures are of India and Indians. The only difference is, we (Yes, I am an Indian) are easily affronted!

    (Plus it makes for sensational news coverage too. :o) )

    Oh what a conversation this might have been over a few pints in an Irish pub!

    @Lionsmane - It is amusing to read that an English person thinks Indians are steeped in arrogance and suffer from a sense of entitlement!