Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stumps,Day 1, Galle,Tough As Teak Hussey, Prevents A Total Sri Lankan Blitz

As I sit in the Melbourne darkness, I can see the Media types hurriedly typing up their summation of the first day between Sri Lanka and Australia

The chief headline will be Mike Hussey's resilience, skill and grit as the rest around him fell...

Justifiably so too....

Ill be waiting with baited breath, to hear the explanation, for the inadequacies of the rest of the batting. Near sure am I, that it will be put down to the pitch being a 'minefield', rather than anything to do with fundamental flaws in the techniques and temperaments of the batsmen.

That was very much victimised by the very disciplined Sri Lankan bowling, that was aided by a traditional Asian pitch that supported spin. Honestly, the Aussies were spared further blushes by Sri Lanka's rather strange decision not to play mystery spinner Ajantha Mendis

For on watching the Aussie batsmen play spin today, Mendis would have been a real head scratcher of a mystery, that they wouldn't have been able to solve

Though fate might be kind for the Sri Lankan's, as the Aussies have been cut down for 273. The extra batsmen might come in handy.

Back to the Aussie batsmen, they must feel a real embarrassment having watched Mike Hussey's innings of 95. A typical Hussey epic of grit, resilience, skill and real value put on his wicket. In the knowledge that he was playing for his Nation, and pride needs to be the basis of any performance.

Pity the rest don't share the same characteristics......

From Shane Watson thinking he was wafting around, caring about strike rate, as if he was in an Odi

To Ricky Ponting, playing an irresponsible, get out shot, when the innings needed to be given back its spine with some fight

Then the continued struggles of Michael Clarke with willow in hand, that he has experienced since Lara Bingle left being his trophy girlfriend. 

Coupled by the youngsters in Usman Khawaja and Phil Hughes. Still looking distinctly out of their depth.

In contrast, the Sri Lankan bowling unit was a tight as a drum. The pace men in Welegedara and Lakmal bowled tight lines first up, and then came back being very threatening with reverse swing. Both got crucial wickets, in key moments in Day 1. Then the spinners, quite literally had the Australian batsmen, bar Hussey at 6's and 7's, and as the match goes on. The wear on the pitch with make them lethal in their threat in the Australian 2nd innings

Again, modern day cricket scribes who live in the batsmen friendly age will attribute the nature of the 1st day to demons in the pitch. Which in truth is a whole load of old codswallop

That, im sure will be put in true context, when we see how the Sri Lankan batsmen excel on the pitch. As the Aussie bowlers are made to sweat and toil in the baking sun and stifling humidity

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