Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day For M.S.Dhoni To Leave A Mark

In Indian eyes, after the World Cup victory, the Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni was like the teflon man. In regards to nothing could ever be stuck to him in terms of criticism.

Though in this current series, unless the 1.2 billion Indian citizens have decided to tune into the National sport of hockey, rather than cricket. 

You can't help but be critical of M.S.Dhoni's rather insipid and bordering on incompetent Captaincy

Though as India were again put over the coals after England dominated day 1 of the Third Test. That left the tourists dismissed for 224 and England in reply having already coasted to 84 without loss.

It affords Dhoni with an opportunity to gain lost respect. In a series, where many have felt the need to pin his image on their dart boards, over his ridiculously defensive mindsets. That has translated into similar tactics that has largely lead to India's current malaise.

As day two approaches, lets hope 3 overs from Amit Mishra is M.S.Dhoni's guide and indeed inspiration to be more attacking in his tactics.

Three overs that saw Mishra get the ball to spin a great deal without even unfurling his very effective Googly. Then with this his short spell posed more of a threat than any of the seamers efforts. Though sadly with England shutting up shop with it's only intent being stumps. Dhoni, missed a trick by having three on the fence, rather than men in close. To catch a chance that might be afforded when batsmens only intention is survival.

Shameful M.S.Dhoni!

Day 2 offers redemption though in the form of two choices for the Indian leader. He can put faith in Mishra from ball 1 on day 2 going on the spin he got last night and the increased threat he might represent with more attack orientated fields. Or he can just revert to his Odi/T20 obsession in tests, and just think run saving is the key to the game with in/out fields.

Truthfully in this situation you need a Captain, who thinks ok, we might surrender a 100 run lead by attacking, but we wont die on our knees by having in out fields and allowing the English to milk a 250 run lead and with it game over...............

For this Test with England batting 4th is far from over. If India can limit the lead or ideally miraculously bowl them out without a lead.

Miracles, that can only happen with a bit of charisma in M.S.Dhoni's thinking..........

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