Monday, June 13, 2011

My 10 Most Beautiful Irish Women

Im Irish so im biased and think all Irish women are creative mastery in every regard.
So away from knowing the delightful lasses at your local watering hole in Ireland-here are some well known stunning ladies

Sile&Grainne Seoige
Yummy TV presenting sisters who are truly stunning in every regard.They have the distinctive Irish beauty and the bodies to lead us lads astray
Andrea Corr
My word these sisters were stunning and you used to go get tickets to listen to their music just to watch them.Though Andrea was the shiniest of the diamonds
Natasha Ni Gairbheith
A former Miss Ireland and what a stunningly beautiful young lady this girl is.She has the stunning looks and the delightful body
Keira Gormley
A stunning Belfast model who has it all.She has the pristine looks and the delightfully enticing body that ever man wants to indulge in
Claire Byrne
This radio presenter has such a beauty about her.That typical girl next door look that makes all of us lads want to go knock on her door
Tessa Keller
Stunning Irish lass!-look for yourself and enjoy!
Glenda Gilson
A stunning model and presentor combining the look with the body that is to die for-show me to the cold shower right now!
Anne Hathaway
The American actress of Irish heritage displays all the Irish characteristics of majestic beauty and supreme sexiness
Samantha Mumba
Stunning stunning Irish singer with the looks and the yummy body!
Amanda Brunker
The former Miss Ireland and currently in the Media still has the beauty and the body to make traffic stop and good boys be lead astray
God Bless all Irish women and in particular our Ma's


  1. Shame on you Tim , how could you not include the most hauntingly beautiful sinead o'Conner .
    Your mate khal

  2. watch more sexy photoes of sexy woman go to this link

  3. no boobs? nah... not good..

  4. Mumba isn't Irish
    Woops, I forgot that we're supposed to celebrate the decline of Europeans.

  5. So what do you define as Irish?

    Anne Hathway cant be irish if Samantha mumba is...

    If Samantha mumba is irish, then anne Hathway is American.

    Euther your heritage should count or your birth place should count. You cant just desperately define every big boobed woman desperately connected with ireland as irish beauties.

  6. Anne hatthaway is american but full irish.. and bewutiful lad.....

  7. not a single innocent face, vulgarity is not beauty... Poor choice I must say

  8. well clearly the most popular right now is Anne Hathaway even though she is American and only has irish roots like you said it, and definitely one of my favorites on this list! :D

  9. Anne Hathaway is delicious!

  10. I love Tessa Keller. She is my favorite number 1.

  11. Lol someone said "Samantha Mumba isn't Irish." Well did you know that Tessa Keller (who is on this list) isn't even full Irish? She is part Filipino and Chinese (could be 1/2, but not 100% sure), as Samantha Mumba is half-black. Some could argue that Keller looks more White so she "counts", but to me, I can clearly see she has a very significant amount of Asian roots before I even knew what she was. If they are culturally Irish and/or have significant Irish roots, then they are Irish. Stop with the close-mindedness and ignorance.